Roadmap team suggested team grade horribly wrong

Attached are pictures of what the game calls a suggested team grade S6 stage. It is more likely an S9 team due to all max level 6* with max rushes and boosted health defense stats. Please update increase quality assurance as to not fool players into thinking a map is easy or hard when it is not.

That map was fairly easy though

What I really hate is when the comic interface between stages shows them about to get into it with walkers, so I bring my walker team into it because they dont show whether it’s a human or walker stage and have to damn near get my ass kicked by semi powerful humans

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That used to get me all the time too so I just started taking in my ranged attack with Kenny from faction support

I think most of people forgot about using battle items. Def down, atk down, atk up+ grenades or bonus crit for melee/ranged.

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I don’t think that’s suggested team grade it’s the difficulty of the map

The point of this thread has nothing to do with how or if you can defeat the map. It’s to do with the grading system being wrong.

Any other S6 map is no where near this level of characters or difficulty. We have seen it in the past and it continues to be a problem.

I found the opponents ARs and AS’s were not maxed. This may have something to do with it.

First screen shot shows max’d Rushes. Also shows buffed HP and Def as if modded. Pretty sure 3500 defense is not a normal stat for alpha.

Did you take into account leadskill and weapons stat? With Laopo’s lead skill and Alpha’s weapon those numbers are correct.

Does anyone really pay attention to those grades? What would’ve you done if it was S9 or S10? Used a different team? Some roadmaps in the past showed S10 while the toons had like 10 times more hp than normal 6* toons.

I had the same problem in Pathways with the Negan map, being newish the best team I could cobble together at the time was S6++, I got as far as stage 5, and just could not progress any further. They recommended S5 would be good enough…

Here is another example of a different map rated as an S8 which of course is 2 full grades higher.

Thats what happens when you use blues on greens and yellows

Probably the number of enemies/waves play a part.

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