Roadmap Schedule Revamp

Ok Scopely, I can’t speak for everyone but for me - level 125, playing since first month - most of your daily roadmaps go untouched. I have a suggestion to help fix that where I would spend a little to get more world energy cans:

Monday - XP - Pretty much remains the same but the current hard stage would be come the medium stage and add a third stage to be the new hard with a bigger XP reward for those who haven’t hit 125 yet as well as those who have when you do increase the level.

Tuesday - Ultimate Gear - The old school, higher-cost farmable map we all used to love, only like the current set up, we can choose which map we want/need.

Wednesday - Food & Wood - Both would have 3rd stages with higher outputs

Friday & Saturday - Survivors, Workshop & Gear Hunt - 48 Hours of these 3 maps, all with a 3rd harder stage with larger amounts of rewards for farming. It gives us a choice to go for what’s needed.

Thursday & Sunday - This is where you would be answering the pleas of many players. On these days, there would be a rotating weekly schedule of specialty maps.
**Week 1 - Silver medals one day, Legendary medals the other - either non-farmable with high rewards or farmable with lower rewards.
**Week 2 - Lilith roadmap one day, Ulysses roadmap the other - stage rewards can be 4-star, 5-star, Elite Character and Weapon tokens. Not farmable but rare drops of Aden and Trait Trainers if replayed
**Week 3 - Epic gear one day with radio OR watch as a completion reward and Legendary gear the other day with gps OR canteen as a completion reward. Not farmable but rare drops of gear if replayed.
**Week 4 - 3-star Weapon Parts one day and 4-star Weapon Parts the other day. Farmable like the Weapon Roadmaps of old - frequent drops but random rewards when replayed.

So in reality there would be an 8-week schedule. The first week starts with Silver Medals on Thursday and Legendary Medals on Sunday and the eighth week would have the 4-Star Weapon Parts on Thursday and the 3-Star Weapon Parts on Sunday.

I read enough of the forums to know this would not make everyone happy but it would be giving us regular access to everything we need to keep the game enjoyable but not flooding the game with these items either. I’ve just recently gotten my first T4 6-star. Had we just finished the first 8-week cycle of the above suggestion, I can honestly say I would still have only one T4 6-star.

Thanks for your time


I still need a whole lot of gloves and shirts though…Those would have to be in the rotation for me.

Thanks for that, I had an idea while I was typing up the last part and with my lack of short-term memory I forgot. Edited…

I like that idea for the roadmaps

Good ideas. Stay optimistic.