Roadmap Reset Glitch

Every time I run the silver radio roadmap my game resets at the completion screen , I get no items but half the time it uses the energy and half the time it refunds it
@CombatDevIl @kalishane

A few people in my faction are complaining about this. Hope it gets fixed soon. People need the gear and food for this level up.

I have a faction mate who is having this happen to him on the last stage of the Lucille roadmap. He’s reinstalled, cleared cache/data, hard reset phone. Nothing is working for him. So it’s not just the radio map, maybe all roadmap stages? Anyone else have this issue with other roadmaps?

I’m getting the same behaviour since the recent beta update, just about an hour ago.

Every single stage I try to complete resets afterwards. Sometimes I lose my energy, others not.

Are you beta player? Looks like the new beta version came with some issues as per some threads here.

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Yes, a beta player and this has been happening to me all day as well. Although, I am able to play the roadmaps in beta, however this does nothing to help my main faction during this lvl up :/:expressionless:


Yep beta player

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Same issue, whats the fix? Give me world cans, thanks…

cant farm roadmaps stages etc. you owe me big time, smh.

So an actual fix for this was suggested on another thread

If you sell a couple weapons ( I sold a few 1*s ) it fixes the problem.

this been around from 6.0 this beta update made it worse