Roadmap remedy remix

Scopely you have the weekly roadmap schedule, but there is plenty of real estate on that screen.

I would like to suggest you just open up every roadmap every day. Let people make their own decisions about what they need and what they want. You could even sell red cans. I can’t think of a single downside to doing this.

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Not sure if there is enough space on that map… i think they redesigned it some time ago to accomodate more, but i don’t think you can have all weekly roadmaps active at the same time

Oh sure I’m the great minds at scopely would find a way to do it if something could be sold… :rofl:

There might not be enough space for all daily maps, but they might redesign the “map” to be a list instead, then you could simply put all of them in…

But when they should focus on redesigning roadmaps, they should start with the bronze/silver nonsense first and foremost

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So true, I literally can’t think of a single time I’ve run those maps. How about a map that drops grease and varnish instead.

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Yep no kinding this radios are completely useless…I can’t think if I ever use one of them and the worst thing they still keep giving them as some road map rewards!!! unbelievable… what about update the radio map so we can get walkie talkies and school bags, much needed to tier up so many *5 ascendbles and 1st tiers on Sclasses …what a rip off!!!

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They could add something like Act 3/4 in weapon parts running on Sunday

Anything. I run most of the roadmaps every week and I feel like they could all be expanded.

There are a bunch of roadmaps that are just weird too, like the flashback map up right now. What’s going on there?

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Flashback gives you a story, a world can and extra gear. What’s wrong with it? Juat do it :smiley:

But yes, the lack of 5*gear is awful. Walkie talkies and school bags precisely


I try to follow the little stories sometimes and its like :thinking: :rofl:

I do like the balance of rewards and cost in these little maps. They are cheap, and usually you get at least 1 good thing and some tokens

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Always check if there is a world can on those maps - if there is then it’s worth doing as you will rarely be down any energy.

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I’m good. I remember people whining a ton when there was a lot of roadmaps open

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