Roadmap Red Flags stage 6


I have tried 5 times with several varieties of toons to finish this and get the rewards… but stage 6 is pretty much impossible. I tried with Leader Michelle, Lydia, Aris, Green Beta, and Yellow Andrea with faction support from another Lydia and could not kill one toon on the other side. Tried with 2 Aris’ and a Tyreece and could not make it work… all of my toons are 6 star maxed 90 with all gold mods at Max too.

Any suggestions? Frustrated!


Use any guardian and defense down toons


yyellow Shiva for supporter. Use 8 percent ap weapons if you’ve got em. I struggled but facmates helped me build proper team for it


Got lucky with lydia on a 10 pull rest are all f2p toons. Several facmates have Shiva she helps alot

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absolute 0 on Andrea 8% on rest of yellows and a stun on Dante. It was a grind but got it done everyone surviving. Also used a second Zeke as support

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This team with Carl lead worked for me.


here is a real f2p team
a few abs def weapons
lost two chars but won


I’m also a f2p as well and here’s the team i used.
I used my faction mate’s Lydia since i don’t have any yellow healers. In the end i only lost lydia but also my party members were pretty beat up towards the end.


  • Michelle- unmodded weapon, keep forgetting to mod it. o_0
  • Romanov- not much done other than huge ap when attacking
  • Javier- ab def w/huge ap boost when attacking
  • Duane- ab. def. w/huge ap boost when attacking
  • Maggie- only have 2 ab. def. weapons so i used life leech w/huge ap boost when attacking since she is an indomitable specialist.

My attack plan in the start–
build ar on ajax, use duane’s active on Erika to reduce her defense by 75%. Aftwards i used javier’s rush hoping that the 100% attack boost landed on Michelle but it didn’t. Michelle’s rush was still able to take her out without erika causing any issues.

Rest of it was made sure i stun and taunted players much as i could especially stun/taunt locking Zachary.

After ajax and erika was taken out from the start, i built up my ar on zachary while he was taunted and stun locked.


Team I used… also used faction helper kal with guardian. So the plan here was to taunt taunt and taunt. Control the ars focus on killing the shield debuff with connor then go all out on erika then kill clementine then the other two were pretty easy to finish off. The shields saved me from damage as well as hemmoage and the taunts helped control ar while the dante helped with healing. Hopefully this helps.


I used this and managed to beat it


This worked great used a Andrea or Jesus shield for all stages as supporter


Pulled Priya with 5* tokens a while back. Used another yellow Rick as support and Priya’s rush would pop every few turns (every other if I had leveled her weapon). Maggie’s active was only source of heal but it got this team through.


Used this team with michelle fac support the whole way. Morgan and zekes rushes arent even maxed. Morgans at 6 and zeke at 1. I feel replacing yellow shiva wouldn’t be too hard. Otherwise all f2p


did it with this half t2 unmodded team with a diego support… lol


If these teams can do it then you will be able to do it too, OP.


What is the system final team? I have not tried at the moment.


This was my winning team


First try and completed it. I am surprised it is not that tough. My team:

  1. Michelle
  2. Marlon
  3. Reviver Rick
  4. Yellow Shiva
  5. Naya


  1. Connor

Hit Ajax first. Kill Ajax 2nd turn (With some luck, by bleeding)
Kill Erika 3rd turn (Rush by Connor and then Marlon)

Rest is then relatively easy.


wtf are the flags for…


Levelling axel…