Roadmap Overload


It would be cool to have an option to drag Roadmaps to a trash can or to hide them when you are finished with them. I have to click on them every time I go to the screen, because I can’t remember which ones I haven’t finished yet.


I agree it’s a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t take much to ignore them, or do them at your leisure, as they usually have a great time period on unlocking the next stage and the roadmap total time limit.

I’m quite enjoying all the Lucille tokens and prestige tokens, I’ve gotten negan and ivanova from them so far.


We love roadmaps! More roadmaps I say!


Wish they find place here for weapon parts roadmap :heart_eyes:


Not sure about the drag and drop functionality but I do like the idea of displaying a “Completed” or a checkmark so you can keep track of things from the map view. Nice idea @Troybob. I’ll see if we can get this improvement into a future update.

98% of faction leaders in top 3 factions want region mergers/migrations before mods

People complain when there’s no maps. Now people complain there’s too many maps.

Maps that don’t even bother anything about gameplay is apparently too over cumbersome.

If I were at scopely, I’d literally make all the drop rates terrible for you all just to spite you all.



I mean, your first point is right. But that last point – so savage!

Or just, So Negan.


He’s on to us.