Roadmap missing?

I am seeing no roadmap for today @JB.Scopely. Is this intended?

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’m having it checked right now.

@JB.Scopely disculpa que el hilo no trate de esto,pero no esta ya la new ascendable list?

There is a roadmap but game crashes when you click on them.

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I don’t think this thread is to ask for acendance list @Tomascisnero


Ni este ni ninguno otro parece jaja._.

You can make the 3,952nd thread asking for the new acendance list.

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no va a haber ninguna lista de ascencion de momento. si en marzo o abril no hay entonces si pregunten pero de momento no hace falta

I have this problem too. So do at least two of my faction mates.

Any update @JB.Scopely?

The Roadmaps have been suffering some hiccups for some players since late last week.

  • Some players may experience missing roadmaps
  • Some players may see visual issues with the roadmap’s interface
  • Some players may experience crashes when trying to engage in Roadmaps.

Fortunately, all 3 use cases have a very limited impact and affect only a few of us…
We’re currently diving in to isolate the root cause of those various Roadmap issues, to have them fixed accordingly.

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