RoadMap is looking a bit empty this weekend

Just wondering if anything in the RM is planned for the weekend as it is looking close empty / lack of stuff to do. We have the “Food Run” RM but it just isn’t worth it and needs a buff/revamp and the only other thing on there is “Kingdom PT. II”. Should we expect anything coming to the RM for the weekend or can I start spending my energy in the World Stages? Ty.



Now that we have Ascendence, it’s a great time to have back Roadmaps that used to give Rares and Ultra Rares as Act Completion rewards.

Damn, would be great to have an Epic character as the Roadmap’s final reward, too. Even better. Set it to have a harder difficulty, to make the character worthy.

If it’s a usable, fighting character, make it slightly harder. If it’s just a Benedict, lower the difficulty, or adjust it to fit the number of given Benedicts. The more trainers, the harder it is to complete the whole act.


A spending world energy “event” and the rewards being a Benedict I can behind and I swear I remember way back in the day getting 4* and 5* people from doing those… Actually now that I remember… my first 4* was a reward from road map such as what you are talking about (Yellow 4* Siddiq).

I do feel though you should make that another topic on the forums as I feel you would get some good feedback with it mainly so this doesn’t get derailed on its topic :stuck_out_tongue: but I think we might be able to help make some changes for the better of the road map.

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good. give us a chance to catch a break and refill some of our surplus without tapping into our cans.

Perfect time for a parts map tbh

Well I mean there are people who still have refills to use and tbh, Kingdom PT II is an addition to the roadmap with no refills that need to be used.

i personally have a ton of we cans to burn. i just like to ration as well. what i mean by building surplus was farming the world map with regular energy instead of directing all that energy to the rms.

Good feedback is one thing. Scopely accepting it and implementing this idea into the game is something much more different, unfortunately.

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About to update the calendar for the future. Will see if we can get a Gear map this weekend!!



Look again

@unknown Thanks for the update. @kalishane Thank you for the response.

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