Roadmap gear armory

I found this roadmap in my lower level account in secondary region

I dont have this roadmap in my 180 level accountScreenshot_20200520-104824_Walking Dead

Screenshot_20200520-105523_Walking Dead

Tag PC guys so aware of this map in particular… that’s massive amount of stuff…

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Ongoing discussion know but this map kinda highlights significant discrepancy… older regions are left scratting around in dirt for scraps of every thing


Well damn. I need to move to a new region.

It’s not region based, but player-based. Kinda like the legendary / diamond maps.

The map itself is obviously based off clasic wood map, just the final reward seems to have been revamped. Promises for the future (intentional reference ti sonething we know was never meant sincerely) maybe?

Its actually not a “massive” amount. Its 1 item from a RNG box for completion of each difficulty.

Still more than every other region…

Issue is that there’s this reluctance to revamp things that players NEED in older regions yet newer regions are getting this so can catch up… I’m not stamping feet tantroming as understand new players won’t have chance otherwise as overall the game set up remains as was in 5*era.

But fact is older regions too have lower level players that are falling behind and where is benefit that already struggling in established regions yet new players will soon surpass…

There needs to be a little more equality all round. I have no problems with spenders spending to get ahead

I actually don’t think this map is region specific either. It seems like it is based on when your account was made. I have teammates who have it and teammates who dont have it.
I agree a regular roadmap for more gear should be available.

Even worse then as it’s further manipulating accounts… whilst the reward may be RNG we all know certain buckets are marked for success

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The last gear rm last week had to have specific keys for it dont look to get any kind of map like that for older players unless it’s for money

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