Roadmap eggs done?

Is today the last hilltop hunt roadmap? I’m at 325 eggs, not sure if I’ve missed a day.

2 more days. Last roadmap Is the 10th

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Should be a new one in 10 mins

So today is the last pink egg roadmap?
Not one tomorrow seeing as the musuem collection has just under 1 day 19 hours to run?
I need 40 eggs to complete my 3rd collection, those egg crates are calling again LOL

Yes. Today is the last day

Two hockey masks and two whetstones from this event. How Exciting :unamused:

I bought a shitload of medals with my eggs! I have 0 gps and 0 canteens so tier 4 gear does me no good. I’ve got about 8-10 chars I would like to ascend, so the choice was easy.

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