Roadmap completion rewards


This happens pretty regularly for me but I’m not sure how widespread it is. I will start a roadmap (mainly events) and I won’t get the stage completion rewards. Also if there is a storyline it won’t load and it’ll just go straight into the combat. If there is a non-faction supporter they won’t load. After I beat the stage I will get the normal rewards, but not the stage completion rewards. The next stage will be available but the yellow ring will stay on the previous stage. After I finish the whole act I won’t get the act completion rewards but I can move on to the next acts if they are present.

It doesn’t happen every time, but it has been happening more often, especially with the egg roadmap. Sometimes when there is a change to the game like daily roadmaps refreshing, depot refreshing, or new roadmaps the game will refresh and I will get a pop up with last stage completion and act completion rewards, but not the rest of the stages. I have tried restarting, resetting, redownloading, switching servers, clearing cache, etc etc but nothing seems to affect it. With the current event I have only received the rewards like I was supposed to once. Every other day I have had to contact customer support and it takes at least six messages explaining it to get the rewards, which gets old pretty fast.


Any word on this? I’m still missing rewards from a couple days ago and it looks like support is trying hard to not correct it.

There’s an issue logged for the reloads


Thanks Combatman!