Roadmap calendar already wrong


The 19th on calendar says weapon parts, but its the 19th and theres no weapon parts


not yet – god locked away – geez :wink:


Release lori and all can be forgiven :smiling_imp:


next promo, trust me baby


I pray :pray:
Papa needs a red leader


Have you visited the museum yet? Lucas is a great offense lead.


Hm… Religion and games don’t mix…


He’s ok, i’ll be picking him up soon and running a full red T4 team with double lori(if shes good) and 5 stuns


So no parts map? Not sure what God locked away means… @kalishane


Yeah defense he isn’t great… Yet. When we get 56 AP toons he will be all the rage.

I post a defense team daily for my faction mates to practice / challenge. Here’s my all red line up.

Really need a red command… Hint hint Lori… Pipe dream =-)


Mmm lori is gonna be amazing i can feel it


like, “gawwwd” locked away! (name) – I was teasing him.

It’s live!


Its not showing up in game :sob:


It is for meeeeee

Soon, just needs to populate on your device!


Mm yes now it is loaded. Thank ya kindly’


Haha yeah I didn’t get that. =-)


Fixed, realized answer


Can you guys make the map at least 24 hours for your mistake?

16 hours sucks!


Ah ok gotcha. Thanks.


@kalishane Ummm I never saw a survival road energy map this week, and I just got ascendance map today. Am I missing something?