Roadmap area bare, what a great time for a epic gear map

What a great time to put up an epic gear map, with nothing on the map why not? Probably sell a few world cans while your at it.


But can you take a second to appreciate how spectacular the view is? That wide-open range just ready to the potential of all sorts of useful, needed, roadmaps providing players, new and old, with many resources needed along the wa… ooh look! Food Run!


I just flat out don’t get it, take yesterday for instance, we had blitz going on, the rise to power roadmaps, weapon parts and the normal gear run. Than the weekend hits, and all we have to do is a solo lvl up and a food run that hardly gives off much. I know Scopely is closed for the weekends, but us as the players are sitting here twiddling our thumbs because the majority of the time there’s next to nothing to do on the roadmaps. You would think by now they would’ve came up with something for us to do smh.

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This is one reason people quit. Boredom, normally we would be getting ready for war but not tonight. Tonight is farm world map and shut it down.

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I totally agree, guess what the wife and I are doing tonight, grabbing some kfc for dinner, and watching movies with our kiddo. Prolly gonna be on the game minimally since there’s nothing really for us to do on the game tonight.

They know we need to farm shirts and gloves on Thursday. It’s not a coincidence that they dropped the last section of the event map, the daily gear map, and the weapon parts map all at the same time. It’s there not so subtle way of saying,“Hey use some cans and when you run out go and buy some more.”

I still don’t see why they cant run the gear map on Fri-Sun. When nothing else is going on roadmap wise.

We are getting war tomorrow though

We need a gear map so we can farm before war tomorrow come on please

Would love a gear map before war

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