Roadmap 3 michonne?

Hi there ,

Somebody know the roadmaps 3 Hours ? It’s the 10 minutes map each 4 h Map ?

Sometime early this year they will take it to the team.
Until then keep surviving


Kinda don’t care that it’s a no show for now. We all know it’s gonna be stupid hard and if you “win” you come out with 5 fewer balloons than you started with and I’m assuming one good piece of gear that you could just get from the depot instead.

So this seems like it would be better left until after you hit the required 72 opens and collect all the kites.

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it’s on at a random 10 minute that usually comes on when ur not there

so it exist

like lock ness monster, scopely cm, and scopley customer first attitude


I just want it to show so i can laugh my ass off at 6 bugged acts with 10 min to complete.

Honestly I’m kinda expecting some of the info we have to be a mistake

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I think the trick is this:

If it takes up to 20 minutes to show up on your device, it’s already over by the time you see it.


6 acts (not levels - acts) in 10 minutes. Say 3 levels per act, 3 waves per level, 54 waves in 10 minutes.
Even if its 1 level per act (if it is why not just have 1 act with 6 levels?) and 1 wave per level, you are talking about only slightly over 1 minute per wave after you take into account loading times.
And to top it off, they have stated its supposed to be a very hard difficulty.

Best just to ignore it.


I timed out myself on the B and C roadmaps. Just under 15 minutes is the best I can do. Maybe I can optimize some by switching up teams, but meh cba.


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