Roadie in ascendance tower - Why though? (New OP premier)

The only people who could get use out of her is F2P, yet we know for damn sure she’s a promo.


of course its a promo, those days where average toons were straightaway f2p, given as login awards or through grindable events are long gone.


Why sell anything other than S Class at this point though? It’s like when Scopely tried selling Priya when 6 stars came out.


Or when they sold shield konrad lol but its cause these addicts will still spend

SImple business practise, they degraded the quality of their products overtime to see if spenders are still willing to drop loads of money and guess what they were, that way scopely minimised their efforts for maximum gains, if bucketgate did not stop people from spending nothing will, the new 6star terris event already showed how polarizing and distracted the community can get when something shiny is dangled in front of it.


got a question.the weapon has deal fire damage and specialist skill is firestarter

what’s the order for things to trigger on attack
does the weapon trigger first, causing burn damage
and if it was crictial fire starter is activated?

We are all rats in this maze they made.

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Her weapon has a 100% chance to cause burn when hp is 80% and firestarter will only make that burn spread to another target.

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but when u attack someone, who is 80% health, they will have burn cause of the weapon. if the attack was a critical, will it activate firestarter?

I.e what’s the order of things happening
weapon proc first then specialist skills
or other way around
check if critical first, the fire starter activates if it occurs then weapon burn

just want to know can u attack, have a cric and it spreads right away

Theirs no critical needed, if they have burn and firestarter attacks them, that burn will go to another toon.

70% heal recover for ALL team mates for 3 turns (except the revive, maybe is the best medic skills ever in the game), recover maim (bad news for Regina and Zach), recover heal reduction (direct counter for Raulito and Elena). Daze for a whole enemy team and a fatality kill with a guaranteed 3k burn damage. Absolutely insane toon don’t even need a S Class version

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Shame Christa will one shot her lol


The type of players who will acess Roadie (top spenders) can easily build her with over 4k def stats and tank Christa or any alert toon. Being honest, Christa at tier 1 (already tier 2) is not really impressive

Literally Christia was given free yeah she could be deadly but most christa cultists will drop her ez
Stop signer well we’ll hit her mad max ass with a hefty road fine and tow her car away so shell just join are side and kill your one team if you have so she doenst have to pay that fine

I had my christa at almost 9k attack at t1, she will eat this toon and prob take out another toon with waste not

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put this toon on attack which jiafeng and a another lacerator and the bleed and burn damage will be insane

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Yea, seems like the the gen 2 toons are now just straight bleed and burn teams to get value out of them.

Jiafeng and Elena are looking awesome behind Raulito. You don’t even need trait advantage at the moment. She’s automatically dealing 3,000 damage to someone unless you kill her turn one or have a healer on attack. Annoying.


yep exactly what I was thinking, raulito jiafeng elena roady a d maybe james or raven not that I have all of these lol but the burn bleed combo is powerful now

imho not worth it to chase. just drop a couple hundred just to get her, if u dont, its no biggie. s class is the new meta now, wait for next month when 2 more s class are released, many teams will have full s class teams by then

anything else will just melt easy.

obviously scalss is the new meta and I have already faced teams with 4 or 5 sclass in them and they bleed to death pretty easily. I wont chase any toon any more as I refuse to spend in this game now

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