“Roadie” Death Bug


When the character “Roadie” in survival road appears, she has a feminine appearance. When killed though she sounds like a man and has the “masculine” appearance. Is this a glitch or just a place-holder for the character until she is released? I believe Joey appears in the “feminine” figure when he is killed, but got rid of him, so can’t currently check. Here is a picture of her: 197D104B-0E69-41CD-8D63-893EF1AC5C37


Off topic a bit, but I suspect “Roadie” is a reference/homage to Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road.


You pay way too much attention to the little stuff. Many other bugs out there that should take importance over this.


Who plays this game with the sound?

I turned it off about 30 seconds into downloading the game in September 2015 and have never turned it back on since…


Lol every so often I leave the sound on my phone on after watching YouTube and immediately regret doing so when I log on here


No, I don’t mean volume down and occasionally hear it. I mean I went into the settings, unticked the relevant boxes and have never heard it


A bug is a bug, and it should be fixed.


You assume it is a bug…


Well, I assume it isn’t supposed to be that way… lol


Roadie might be a boy I mean respect toons identity jk tbh the bug doesn’t need to be fixed ASAP unless they go let’s make roadie a 6*


I mean it’s possible, but she has a feminine body shape.


Why can’t toons be like Caitlyn Jenner geez lol


Did you just assume her gender? You better check your privilege at the door next time


Thanks for pointing this out. A bug’s been logged. While it may be insignificant compared to other issues, it’s nice to have all bugs fixed.