Roadathon weapons crate

I’ve managed to collect Roadathon weapons crate (some luck with RNG), but it was a busy time at that point so I’ve decided to make the choice a bit later, as there were couple weapons that I thought could be good and I didn’t want a rushed decision.

But now that the event has ended, apparently, there’s no way to see base stats of those weapons, as tapping on the crate only shows 4 weapons choice without any extra tap to view stats being possible.

So maybe someone has got one of those weapons from that crate, or even better - screenshots?

Crate had:

  • Ryan’s blunderbuss
  • Carrie Ann’s sword
  • Kapoor’s six shooter
  • Eugene’s old man cane

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The Blunderbuss is the weapon that dazzles tbf. Although the six shooter is pretty good and the sword will be great for a future green shield - just maybe replace 3rd slot with ap down.

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Thanks a lot for those screens!

Honestly, none of those belong to the top tier, but with the right match between weapon and toon, they could be a good fit. Both cane and blunderbuss could be nice for some future shield toon, and six-shooter could be already used by some att toon.

Now I wonder how does leech life works with Dylan (or any other multi-target) AR… :slight_smile:

Sword is very good for Georgia with ap down on 3rd slot

I wouldn’t do that with Dylan. Otherwise you get rid of his discount rampage

True, forgot that his “rampage” is in the 3rd slot

Carrie Ann sword is the only one you can’t craft so if I have this option I will definitely choose it

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