Roadathon realization

I thought I was doing alright in roadathon, I had my little stash of steering wheels I was eyeballing some choice boxes and princess cards with.

Then I realized that all the prizes that are worth a damn need tires, and you only get those by barreling through the road maps to the end and putting up huge scores.

Pretty big let down, not even the survival token boxes are putting a dent in the plat mod pull.

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You want Princess cards right?

They use steering wheels trade-in, not tires…


Next week is Princess/Mercer week. Should be able to get at least 500 cards if you do well.

Use Steering Wheels for S-Class cards…Use Tires for 5-star weapon.

y’all are right, I can still score some cards. I was hoping to get in on that weapon action though LOL

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The amount of Tires for the ranked rewards have increased from SR Easy to SR Normal. Not sure what the amounts will be for Hard and Nightmare but you might make it if you’re staying in the 11-50 Rank range.

25 tires of a 6* is a pretty good deal

Unfortunately there is no Nightmare - the event ends after a three-day hard mode SR next week.

Overall I give it a thumbs down. Didn’t even get me a sizable haul of tokens for plat mods.

They posted princess/trader not Mercer…

You can use the steering wheels for trader/alpha/princess/shiva cards.

Unless it’s the weapon / Mateo cards you are after

As far as I can see you can’t get platinum mods from the SR event with tires or wheels.
If mods are what you are wanting the Wayland event has some you can grind and get.

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