Roadathon 6* box

I know 6* are pretty much phased out at this point, but for the sake of argument lets talk about that little 4 pack of characters.

I’m going to have enough tires to get 2 of them. I like to run a bleed team, so I think im going to get Elena (also bows are sweet so why not)

Tye has a weapon that causes 100% heal reduction which is pretty meta right now, but his burn AR and his on a roll specialist is meh, I skipped this guy when he was in the league store awhile ago.

roadie seems like she could be useful, 1000 burn with fire starter would dent some teams. Her medic ability is pretty strong and her ability to daze is cool. She might be my second choice.

Kyle seems like kind of a wildcard. I like his AR as a support against mercer and princess but trauma is meh. I also like his stun weapon, those are always legit to have around.

I’m guessing this choice is mostly going to revolve around Kyle or roadie. What do y’all think?

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I got both of them, but if you have enough for one only take Roadie because of her rarity, you can get Kyle any day on war wheel.


Roadie is the best toon there


If you don’t plan to pull on the war wheel, Kyle is one of the best 6*s, even superseding some S-class. His ability to lock down 3 characters permanently(if enemy has no focus/confuse resist) is what makes him strong, not his trauma.

I’d get Roadie and maybe try to get Kyle from war wheel if you can only afford one.

someone in my faction just pulled Kyle from the war wheel after this last war.

Im pretty sure ill get 2 boxes. it almost sounds here like Kyle and roadie are where my head should be at

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I’ve had roadie for the longest time but never used her but might try to use her with Steve since he deals 2k burn damage only toon I dont have in that box is kyle which I thought about getting since it’s hard to place top 10 in sr unless you drop money

Yes Roadie is pretty decent for a 6 Star. 1k burn and if you attack again same target will go to next Char around them. Her Daze all T2 is awesome. And her heal is great too. At the days where S Class where not there or still just Pete and Raulito i use her al lot. On Oneslaught she i abig Deal too. Pick her!!

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Burn doesn’t stack FYI. So Steve’s burn will override Roadie’s burn even if it might have a shorter duration.

But rodie can spread the burn damage done by steve…

Kyle is pretty nice with his weapon, plus he has a friggin’ eagle.

The eagle is legit. I like all the toons that come with animals.

I do think the reason burn never really caught on was because it didn’t stack. When I first started playing I rocked a burn team with Romanov and Naya and it slayed in s1.

I’m leaning on Elena and roadie folks. Does anyone give a crap about tye?

Roadie. Daze to all T2 is the beaut of her abilities. Especially in the current game. Dont think I’ll use her day to day but the option of having her there is great. #2 would be Kyle for me.

I think people are forgetting about how Roadie is very effective in countering Trader & Wangfa combo.

I’ll pick her up for that and for collection value, since I already have all the other 6* in that crate.

I really wanted the Gun Crate but of course that wasn’t going to happen bc scipay.
So I scooped up Elaina, Kyle and Roadie.

I didn’t have any of them and they’ll give some easy level up points and helps with SR and FA if they ever run another one that’s actually worth playing that is.

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