Road Warrior Event

Welcome Survivors to the newest multi-week event: Road Warrior!

Event Start: January 30, 2019 (12:00 AM PST)

Event End: February 14, 2019 (12:00 AM PST)

All Collections Close: February 15, 2019 (12:00 AM PST)

Road Warrior is a 2 week event where you will be able to earn top-tier rewards by participating in Raids, unique Roadmaps, and Tournaments running during the event. Here is how it works:


  • Earn Car Batteries and Red Keys by participating and hitting milestones in Tournaments that appear during the event.

  • Use World Energy, Car Batteries, and/or Red Keys in order to participate in Road Warrior Roadmaps.

  • Earn Tires while the event is running by either winning in Raids or by completing unique Road Warrior Roadmaps.

  • Earn Steering Wheels while the event is running by completing unique Road Warrior Roadmaps.

  • Earn Tires and Steering Wheels to unlock prizes within the Collection Museum.


You can continuously earn Tires by winning Raid battles over the course of the event. There are no additional requirements to participate in a Raid beyond the normal Raid requirements.


Participate in Road Warrior Roadmaps during the event to earn Tires and Steering Wheels. Each Road Warrior Roadmap will reset regularly, allowing you to continue to earn more Tires and Steering Wheels over the course of the event.

Note: Combat Items will NOT be allowed when participating in these Roadmaps.

  • Road Rage

    • Difficulty: S9++

    • Reset Time: Every 24 Hours

    • Requirements:

      • Red Key (Roadmap Unlock)
      • Car Battery (Stage Attempts)
    • Payouts:

      • Tires
  • Horse Power

    • Difficulty: S6+

    • Reset Time: Every 24 Hours

    • Requirements:

      • Red Key (Roadmap Unlock)
      • Car Battery (Stage Attempts)
    • Payouts:

      • Tires
  • Cruis’n

    • Difficulty: S4++

    • Reset Time: Every 8 Hours

    • Requirements:

      • World Energy (Stage Attempts)
    • Payouts:

      • Tires
      • Steering Wheel


In order to earn more Car Batteries and Red Keys, you will need to participate in tournaments that run during the Road Warrior event. You will earn increasing amounts of Car Batteries as you hit major milestones within those tournaments.

The following types of tournaments will being appearing during this event:

  • Level Up Tournament
  • Raid Tournament
  • Survival Road Tournament
  • War

Prizes (Collection Museum)

5* Ascendable - Alert “Decapitate” Sandy

  • 20,570 Tires
  • 25 Steering Wheels

5* Ascendable - Strong “Disarming” Bruce

  • 20,570 Tires
  • 25 Steering Wheels

5* Ascendable - Fast “Neutralize” Beta

  • 10,200 Tires
  • 20 Steering Wheels

5* Ascendable - Tough “Vitality” Sophia

  • 10,200 Tires
  • 20 Steering Wheels

20,000 Ascendance Medals & 24 Legendary Medals

  • 1,700 Tires
  • 5 Steering Wheels

I have a question.
So for bruce and sandy we need to get 50 steering wheels yea but…every day we can earn 14 days we can earn 42 so there will be another way to get few more SW(not 4 $$$)?Like War milestones etc?


You’ll likely only get Sandy OR Bruce F2P. If you want both, expect to buy offers. Which is fair enough.


Here’s their official response:


Credit where credit is due. I love this event and the opportunity for everyone to get a decap, disarm, or both. Thank you.




Not taken out of context at all :hugs:


Might as well be what he’s saying :wink:. Pretty hard to even get close to getting Bruce or Sandy without beating some pretty hard roadmaps, and even then if you miss a bit, your only option is to do just that^

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Oh please. Hard roadmaps? You running 5* toons?


Kinda desparate for gear, cuz it’ll take me a while to tier 4 anyone atm with the lack of tripods and gauntles and such. Instead, they throw in ascendance medals… :frowning:

Fine, fine. Even so, no gear is given out, meaning you’ll either have to spend to get it right away and upgrade the new characters or be in a top faction. And besides, have you seen the Lydia teams they have set up? Yes, pretty hard to beat. What planet do you live on where that kind of roadmap is “easy to beat” with mediocre 6*s and no decaps?

Can we see what you’re running? I guess I don’t use mediocre 6* idk

Tablet can’t take screenshots, but no matter.
Mirabelle lead, T3 max
Tough Lee, T4 max
Leagues Tara, T3 lvl. 70
Neutralize Lori, T3 lvl. 50
Retribution II Rosita, T3 lvl. 40

Tell your faction mates to put up revives so you can you use them. Might help.

They were decent

good and bad that there different colors, i know some like to throw in bruce even without lead helping him, but if people are able to get both sucks for f2p because i doubt they will have a lead that can work for sandy/tyreese and bruce

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If you don’t have absolute top tier teams/characters. You’ll likely not make it through the road rage map and therefore will likely have to shell out money to recieve your ‘free’ toon. So unfortunately it’s not very F2P friendly at all.


Agreed, I had real trouble with last wave of act two, with william, tends to heal as much as he takes, without bruce disarming his heal when attacked I wouldnt have completed it

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The roadmaps aren’t that hard when you hire a good faction support. Hopefully someone in your faction has an Erika, alice, harper or dale. If not, hopefully your in a nice region that will let you join a faction that will let you borrow some of these characters. My region does this.