Road Warrior: Decap or Disarm

Decap and Disarm are finally up for grabs in an non RNG wheel way! Both Sandy and Bruce are good characters but you are likely only going to be able to get one or the other without dropping coins or buying offers.

Which specialist are you priorising as your reward?

  • Sandy (Decap)
  • Bruce (Disarm)

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Both of these characters are mainly geared towards taking on melee defence teams.

Both are great toons, but I could use a disarm more than a decap atm

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No love for Sophia or Beta.


The only people claiming them will either have the top 2 already or not have got enough for them in the event.


Meh. Vitality and Neutralize are pretty good, there would always be those few that would actually want them.

Im personally going for decap. Weapons are no trouble for me, revives on the other hand, it’s a little challenging.

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Sophia looks like such an amazing toon, yet for some reason is such a letdown. You would think a multi rush three, confuse and def down would work great but for some reason, I just couldn’t get her to work.


Perhaps you are slowing your self down and letting the revives go off because you are working around the weapons.

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It’s the opposite for me. She goes great on my attack team. It’s pretty much like my Bruce situation (though I’m gonna keep that in the original thread).

I always preferred Jeremiah to Sophia. The extra 20 percent really made a difference. In the end, I don’t think many players will choose Sophia unless they can’t reach Bruce or sandy… or if they have both.


That’s a possibility. I’ve been focused on weapons at times, therefore losing track of AP

Why isn’t Sophia or beta an option… I’m going Sophia

Well again there will always be those few who get Sophia or Beta because they think they may work better or just to have them. Though Sophia is a very underrated toon imo.

Easy pick for me. At the moment, there’s zero Disarms for F2P players. (Don’t consider event wheels to be F2P) On the other hand, there’s 2 accessible F2P decapitates. Disarm gets the choice for me.


F2p who have neither should go for Bruce. Many people have vouched how disarms have sped up their offense in wars, it’s pretty much a godsend from Scopely.

Doesn’t matter if Bruce is the weakest among all disarms, the point is to disarm the enemy, anything else is a bonus.

Having a Decap without a disarm is quite pointless when you have to waste turns using actives to recover from stuns/impairs and then having the enemy popping off their ARs before you do.

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This! Sandys rush is 2 attacks and if she gets stunned 1st then no 2nd attack, possible to not decap. I would like sandy tho as i need a range decap but i need disarm more, say bye to worrying about stun guns, impair guns, etc and since bruce is green i can mess up the worst one of all… Absolute defense on yellows! Ohhhh how i hate doing 0 damage like two turns in a row! Now lydia, jesus, command glenn, gaurdian zeke, etc… Say hello to bruce! Plus if i can disarm and have alpha follow up and decap, perfect! I need to redo my team a bit and fit bruce in


Sandy will fit nice in my team since i gave away 100 for Louis.

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Same here. Sandy has a lot to give, but as I have no disarm, most likely I will have to go with Bruce, as he could benefit more, if there will be that chance to get him. If I had any other disarm, sandy were my choice without thinking. Who know, maybe there will be chance to get them both (keep dreaming :d)

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If u have no disarm - Bruce.

If u have - I would lean towards the decap

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I’m running Maddy lead with Louis Hersh Bruce and 5* command heath. It slays, it will slay even more with a decap sandy :wink: