Road Warrior - Daily Progress Tracker

Here’s some info on the Maps, the maximum possible daily tires that can be earned from them, and some strategies that can work on the harder ones. Hopefully this will help you be a Road Warrior and not a Rode Worrier :stuck_out_tongue:


== Cruisin’ ==
Act 1: 2+5+11+18 = 36

TOTAL: 36 (x3 = 108)

== Horse Power (Easy) ==
Act 1: 3+8+17+28 = 56
Act 2: 8+25+50+83 = 166
Act 3: 17+50+100+167 = 334

TOTAL: 556

== Road Rage (Hard) ==
Act 1: 33+99+198 = 330
Act 2: 77+231+461 = 769

TOTAL: 1099

-Max total daily from all Roadmaps: 1,763
-Max total daily from 3x Cruisin’ and Rage Only: 1,207
-Max total daily from 3x Cruisin’ and Power Only: 664

And remember, you can get a few extra tires from raiding. I ballpark that at 90 tires a day using only natural energy, 400 on a raid event.

TL:DR, as of 02/09, if you have 14,535 or more, you’ll be fine just completing the Rage maps and Cruising Maps until the last one on the 14th

If you have between 11,750-14,000, you’ll need to do all of the Rage maps, plus some of the Power maps

If you have less than 11,000, you may want to keep an eye out for offers that give tires, or settle for a lesser prize


Coming Soon ™

Feel free to post any teams that have worked particularly well for you in the meantime


Semi-f2p. Got lucky with a single for Erika and a 10 pull for Louis w/ league coins. It’s no wonder they aren’t giving them out now.

For Stage 2 and Stage 3 of Act 2’s Road Rage using faction helpers Alice’s has made it quite easy to beat. Four turns tops and the 4th turn is usually just one hit on a single toon.

Really nice post BTW. :+1:


Very good point. And since faction hires refresh every 8 hours, but the Rage map lasts 24 hours, the same ally can be used on different stages of one daily map. Nice tip!

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I try not to spend that often but if they put up Alice for $100 guaranteed right this second I would snatch her up without hesitation. Damn, I’m so jealous of them. :grin:

As far as doing a 40 pull. Never, well never with my own money. 2% is for :milk_glass:, not odds.

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I feel like someone awesome did all this already.

Either way, don’t focus on tyres as your maximum obtainable item, because batteries and keys will always limit how many tyres you can get - presuming you aren’t partial to funding this motly band of chump developers


I didn’t see a maximum possible # of tires per day from Roadmaps that could be obtained in your excellent thread, which I’ve actually used as a guide for my faction, when the event started. Thanks for making that!

Also, since batteries are easier (and in offers, cheaper) to get than tires, and since wheels are much easier to get (48 maximum from maps, only world energy needed), BUT only a limited amount of batteries per day can actually be converted to tires, I figured it would be helpful to define maximum daily tire amounts

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I might have suggested a maximum, can’t recall.

Either way, the point is that while there are still probably over 6k worth of Tyres to be had from 8 more roadmaps, my estimate is there is only about 2 events plus SR to provide batteries and keys, which is about 3.6k in batteries and three keys (inclusive of SR)

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I believe the problem will be the keys. The ‘free’ alternative is to raid alot. There won’t be roadmaps on the 14th, if we go by Scopely PST (the event ends at on the 14th at 0800 UTC == 0000 PST). And I think it’s unlikely the tournaments starting on Wednesday will have batteries in the milestones (be nice if they would).

That’s when the event ends, but the collections go on until the 15th. I took this to mean that the maps go until the 14th.

Has there been a confirmation otherwise?

killing those “HARD” teams with no remorse :wink::wink:

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Collection ends 0800 UTC on the 15th which is 0000 PST, meaning all day on the 14th (Scopely time) is for collections, so very doubtful roadmaps are up (as the event is ‘over’). Only 3 more keys will be issued for sure till Wednesday, that would be the biggest obstacle for most.

This means that tyres roadmaps stop on Feb 13 midnight pst

After the current roadmaps reset for the day, you still can get the following:

Crusin’: 108 + 108 + 108 = 324
Horse power: 556 + 556 + 556 = 1668
Road rage: 1099 + 1099 + 1099 = 3297

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Thanks @Pablo for doing this… Helped me out tons