Road to Survival, not even a top 100 game anymore?

I noticed a very sad milestone for this game this morning when scrolling through the android app store. Road to Survival isnt even ranked in the top 100 grossing games anymore

I’ve been playing long enough and remember when this game was ranked in the top 10, right behind candy crush, consistently stayed in the top 20


Let’s take a moment to reflect on what drove the paying customers away. Which error, or “bug fix” or #gate, or promo with terrible odds do you think had the biggest negative impact on this game’s playerbase?

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You also need to factor in the fact that it is almost 4 years old now. The only consistent performers seem to be Clash of Clans and Candy Crush anyway.


Thats good less money for Scopes=Mayby they will more care about players not only themselves.

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If it hasnt happened by now, after dropping 90 spots in the rankings, i doubt it will ever happen


Scopley still seems to not care sadly. :pensive:


No not good, at all.

No RTS revenue = No more RTS

They have Star trek and Looney toons doing well for them along with their Dice game. Once this game falls below a certain profit threshold then there will be no more game. It’s that simple.


A bit unfair to expect people to pick out one specific fuck up that had the biggest negative impact on the playerbase, what drove people away was the constant fuck ups followed by the lack of any real improvement.


Well, walking dead and zombies in general , like anything, is just a passing fad. Although i have always liked the genre and supported it in many ways, not everyone else in the world is like me. Top games will come and go like they always do.

Remember when world of warcraft was top dog?

Not sure about now but i hear that fortnite is pretty well liked. How long will that last?

And these mobile games are so shallow that they really can not hold interest too long. I played candy crush and clash of clans for maybe a month each before it was a snooze fest.

My favourite thing about the chart picture is that friggin bubble witch saga ranks higher.
Oh the shame!!!

I bet even that game with the creepy dude trying to fix up his house and garden rates higher


Would disagree. Even at their current place they are making good coin. They invest little into game development & mgmt and when they do, it’s resources reallocated from low times on their other properties.

What will happen is less development means they are going to have to figure out how to either:
A) make it sustainable with the current captive audience, or
B) milk it for all that it’s worth knowing they will tax them into the ground.

If (A) they’ll need to re-engage with more balance asap

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How can you possibly disagree that if the game at some point in time draws little to no income it won’t be shelved? That’s just foolish.

However I am not saying in any way that that is where we are currently. I’m sure even if revenue has fallen off a bit it is still extremely profitable for them.

My response was for the person who thinks it would be a good idea to see scopely hurting financially and what I said in reply was not to wish that if he wants to see the game continue to exist. They have other properties and we all know they will go where the profit lies. That’s just good business and as terrible as they are with their players they do know how to run a business.


They are number one in my heart…and my wallet


I mean you don’t really have to wonder why that is do you ? This game is lacking in so many ways currently and the devs don’t even seem to care . Everything is glitched or broken prizes are bad actual gameplay is worse. Nothing at this point to look forward too soon they will start rolling out those turn 1 toons and hopefully it drops down even more and they pull the plug

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Im not saying I don’t see the issues, because I do. Prizes need revamped drastically for the ranks 7-25 in CRW (well 7-infinity), and although I don’t experience the TT issue, it needs fixed. I don’t have Dale or mogan so the Maim doesn’t really affect me but it needs fixed. The lack of a damn food slider in depot makes me want to strangle people, etc etc. However each user experiences a different game play and I am currently enjoying the product


There were a lot of endgame comments, this one right here is the scariest for those who threw money at scopes

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How’d this happen? Is it by country? If the UK’s carrying it perhaps we can review those level up end times :wink:


You realize the difference in the gdp between us and gb…

And that would cause 40 apps to disappear. Crossing the Bermuda Triangle to over here perhaps?

What filters we using? I check “top free games” on Apple and its not even 200. Its rank 50 on Top “Role Playing”

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I just checked ‘Top charts’ - Top grossing. It’s #6 in Role Playing - Top grossing