Road to Survival has been bitten by a walker!

So today there have been a lot of things confirmed that some of us have been worried about. The game is dying and there is no cure. It’s just a matter of time!

First, JB confirmed in chats that the expected release date of S Class toons are to be one every two weeks. The following is the SS:

Okay, so two S class a month and still putting out OP gen 2 toons that match with the S Class (see Elana and Jiafeng with Raulito). Sounds fun. S class are here and they aren’t going away. Priya is already out of the meta for those who will get Raulito and we are still months away from getting her.

So naturally, the next question becomes, how do f2p get more S class outside of Cristã/James or waiting months on end for these collectibles in which case there will be another 12+ new promos. Will legacies becomes S class? How about event toons? Current six stars becoming S class? Fear not, we have the answer:


So there you have it. Scopelys idea of rare and shiny is 2 per month (no idea how that’s rare) for the mega whales while everyone else gets 1 every 6 months if lucky.

I have been playing this game almost since the beginning. Has there always been a gap? Yes of course. Have spenders always had an advantage? Of course. But I can never recall toons having double the stats of the f2p toons. When they came out with the second buff and made Gen 2 six stars, the legacies were made with Gen 2 stats as well. It just makes sense. This however, makes no sense. Releasing these teams of 5 S Class toons against one S class toon (that’s not even on defense) is outrageous.

I will still keep my hopes up that somehow they will see the errors in their way, but I won’t hold my breath!


People won’t pay for auto-wins forever. Competition is what generates the money. If they want to go widespread with S-Class, they have to have it across the board. Not just trickle down. If even that, currently.


Super Duper rare, released at the same rate as the usual pre war promo… Marvellous


another fricking rick move by shamplay


I already said it would be 2 a month before war :man_shrugging: but yea… here ya have it folks

Lmao. I’ll be the one easy team left for their Throwback Thursday to the 6* era


What is even more pathetic @JB.Scopely continues to post every where but here.


OMG Christa and James are S class WTF!
That’s weird cause they look like :poop::poop:

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Thank you Scopely, very cool.

Was going to buy but I see we need 2 characters to get the S-class and all these silly collection items.Fuck this :poop:

Autoing is bad if your team not good enough

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