Road To Survival (Battle Royale)


Wouldn’t it be awesome if the introduced a battle Royale mode, 100 people parachute into a certain map and fight to the death


How would that even…?



Bruh 2D battle Royale would be LITTY


You pick 1 person and “parachute” (basically you are randomized in an area) to an area where you go around and collect stats/weapons/survivors. You travel like it would be tapping on your world map on the location you want to check out.

The goal is to be the last “Team” alive.

If you run into a survivor (random encounter) you have the option to fight them or join them. Joining them makes it so that when you are fighting they control who to attack during that turn for their person only while you have complete control on what to do with your character. Fighting them and winning gives you their loot and losing is vice versa. Losing a fight at any point makes it so you cannot win the game and you are done.

By the end of the game people should have teams of 5 whether it is full of real people or the computer.

Once someone joins your team they cannot be removed.

The last team alive wins.


If this was actual PVP it could bring new life into the game…


This… is just a different video game.




Fortnite has become so toxic lol


rofl yup pretty much.


Yup, see you in a fortnight, after I catch fire, but before dinner when I play hunger games. Oh, and bring Kitano.


Pubg is better than fortnite
Unless you like to be the driver of all vehicles
Those cars on pubg are evil
And for how many bugs in rts imagine if your enemy just had the giant bug inflicted in him you woudnt win probably crash and have to restart
That’s could be a way to die in game doe