Road to survival 1923


how do i delere this


I think it’s about having fun and helping each other, if they don’t care about helping the faction, I would go elsewhere


Id say call them on their shit. If they deny it then who cares. Leave and join someplace higher.


Talk to leader and if they won’t listen, leave the faction, take the others with you and make a new one.


Sounds like they are just active in wars. Try waring more and at non peak times.
I find it annoying when people moan they can’t get in battles but the queue takes an hour to fill at 8am.
As for territories, maybe your leads have some sort of agreement with other factions.


Time to consider leaving. How can others in faction get better when leaders arent helping u all hit milestones. Teamwork is important.


Rename your title or it might get deleted. Posting about quitting is deleted ASAP.


Find another home for you and your friends. You “leaders” sound like a bunch of tools. They don’t deserve you.

Once you hit your milestones if you don’t leave the queue for someone else that’s just being selfish. Win Loss doesn’t mean anything it’s all about the points so as long as someone is scoring them it’s all good.


Hmmm I would agree not listening to you about territories is petty but not so sure I agree on the war thing. If they are the best in the faction only makes sense they war more. Plus they can’t kick people out of que. Sign up before them. Only one can declare. But as most posts say, if your u happy there’s always other factions :slight_smile:


If they are busy warring all the time be proactive. Watch the war and be ready for war to end so you can jump in first. I understand it is a shitty situation. Either you deal with it and find ways to make it work for you or you move on and find another faction. This game is full of a lot of egos and selfish people.


Being a leader is a thankless job. It takes a lot of time and effort. It’s quite possible that if they are a top ten fac they are sticking with what’s working for the whole fac? You wont know unless you ask. I’d recommend a PM. As for being the most active in wars… they should be imo. Kinda hard to tell your fac to put up points if you yourself are Mia. It’s the whole lead by example concept. Of course if you’re really unhappy just look for another fac. There is always someone recruiting.


If your getting sick of leaders there I would leave found a faction that finishes higher in war. The territory of same 1s I don’t get I’m long time leader of my region I’m when it comes to territories I run a Rogue faction you want the land go take it


I’m a leader.

Once I have 100k I remove myself for those who still need to get there.
Start Faction Assault at 3 different times in rotation to try to suit all regions of world.
Type all rules out so there can be no complaints…(there’s still complaints)
Play by the same rules as everyone else.

It’s really tough.
It’s easier to be selfish…
But I couldn’t run a faction like that.


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