Road to solo level up


Why not just change the name of this game to Road To Solo Level Up. Ffs. You’re killin me smalls


I used all my resources last level up pretty much, so I’m lucky if I hit 200k points now.


road to one piece of gear for t3 and t4.

road to boredom


If they are going to do them every other event they need to lower the last milestone to 1mil tops and start giving at very least two pieces of 6* gear in a whole set of milestone each lvl ups


Or you know… don’t go for milestones?


I’d much rather do solo level up than raid or survival road tournaments.


I’m sitting these out. Not worth it imo.


Road to lazy developers. This is a disgrace.


I say the Objectives need an update. They are not really worth doing and better Objectives would fix that. The biggest point value is the 3rd Objective, but would anyone level up 30 T3’s for 8,000 points when you can get almost the same thing for 1 level of a T4 5*?



Alright folks new song , let’s sing along

I’ve been working on the level up
All the live-long day
Can’t you hear the keyboard tapping
Oh, Johnny won’t you tap
Johnny won’t you tap
Johnny won’t you tap that keeeey board.





there really is too many level ups


Ugh. Way to many.






They should have more LUs, so more players can get the ascendable 5* they want. If in 2 weeks, everyday had a 1 day LU with the same character, 42 players can get the specific 5*. If there’s only 4 LUs in 2 weeks, only 12 can get the specific 5*.

Players don’t lose out on league points/trophies because LUs provide none; it’s just free rewards all around.


The concept is supposed to be “utilize the level ups to get characters ready for the SIGNATURE events like CRW and AOW”

Except players never get the gear needed to level up the characters unless you spend money, so what is the real concept?

Put the game on auto pilot so the content creators, developers and management jokers can have some more cake and count all the fat stacks generated by OP toon sales


Me when I see a level up tourney