Road to S (Roadmap)

So I was wondering when will Scopely remove both “Road to S” roadmaps. Because I missed one day collecting it, so I’m 5 gold short right now. I know Scopely removes roadmaps and other things a few days before when the museum collection connected to it disappears. I’ve heard about another free S class toon too from someone, so the roadmap is not gonna disappear anytime soon. I don’t know it’s true or not, so I would be really thankful for an useful answer!

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That could be half baked info and why someone quit recently :man_shrugging:

The thing with scopely, we have no idea tbh and just better to expect the worst so when the worst does happen (which is like 99% of the time) you dont get so disappointed, cant be disappointed if youre already disappointed but when someone or something amazing like the event for Michelle comes along, you can be amazed.


The info we have so far is, that roadmap will stay longer and we will get new s class toons, so you should get enough gold bars for knives.


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