Road to S class map crash

Anyone else’s game keep crashing on the last stage of road to S? Please fix scopeeeee


Yup lost twice but did not contact support because it’s pointless.

Contact support if you’re losing special energy cause crashing

They have credited me back the energy or rewards after they checked my game crashed before

Yeap same here contacted support now they should reply by nextweek when issues nolonger relevant. They can’t work while stuffing pancakes down their throught XD

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I have not been able to complete stage 3 of the gold bars daily roadmap today. The stage begins and allows me to beat wave 1, but before wave 2 starts the game completely crashes and goes to my phones home screen. My world e is gone, and i have nothing to show for it.

Anyone else experiencing this same issue? I dont want to miss out on the gold bars, and the wasted E is also kinda bugging me.

Everyone in my faction has experienced multiple crashes on survival road, in the territories, in roadmaps and quite frankly everywhere else…
Several players have sent messages in to support, after the usual bot responses, they were told nothing seems to be wrong.
This is a significant problem because of th time and resources being lost… almost like scopely is deliberately mucking around…

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I had the problem, I manually did it instead of auto combat and it completed it. I also messaged support and they gave me a world can

Can you show me the team that you used? The one that crashed when you want it auto but worked if you ran it manually.

I believe it was this. The fifth is Pete he’s on scav mission

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@oldbreed - Yes we are aware of this issue and the team is currently focused on finding a fix.


Hi, I am experiencing a game crash every time that I play stage three on the road to s class roadmap, I know I’m not the only one and would like to see if we can fix this.

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Yeah, I recently started experiencing this too. It’s not always on the same stage of the S-class roadmap but it makes me wonder if I should cut my torch losses or keep trying since I’m half way through.

Crashed 3 times on stage 2.

Same issue here, tried restarting both game & phone and no improvement.

This is why I suggested they need to change things back to normal energy instead of all these special items.
It’s poorly thought out.