Road to S Class, 6* Christa & 6* James

First step for F2P accessibility into S Class has arrived and we have the choice between Christa and James as the initial character that many will be getting their hands on.

Stats seemed to have been changed since the original F2P S Class Event announcement with Christa now having more attack stat than Priya with 30 Veteran gear score.

So the obvious question arises, who will you be claiming from this event?

  • Christa
  • James

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as mentioned above, this is only the first step that needs to be made for wider accessibility to S Class but it is a first step that had to happen. Hopefully the Typhoon event, also, brings more access!


James; mugshot makes me feel very unsafe. He looks like a SO


How his promo art isn’t to bad. I feel bad for him if no body wants him he will feel sad

I’m not picking either, though I support James in spirit.

Do you always see things in the worst way ?


Can I return him? I’m afraid of what he’ll do to the clementine and Sophia in my roster…


I see life through shit tinted glasses

They need a good wipe


Wasn’t james supposed to have confuse when attacking in the leak?

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No u (James Characters)

honestly same

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what about Mia or Blue Carl in the Museum ? we need a 6* Chris Hanson ASAP. His ar will be called ‘’ why don’t you have a seat’

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Im choice Christa👍

James is really really overpowered… He needs a nerf!