Road to Mcdonalds


How do the Characters eat Millions of food and not get Obese?This needs to be changed.




Not to mention the 100s of 2* people you feed them #cannibals


It’s just a theory…

a game theory.

MatPat is even in the game lol.


The F is a matpat


It’s sad when they don’t try.




I think they throw the 2 and 1 *s to the walkers that’s how they become more skilled :slight_smile:




i tried to find him but whereeeeeee???
is he just a theory???
a game theory??


You’re worried about the food they eat.

What about the other humans they eat?



Worst thing is the cans are all canned tomatoes X(tumblr_inline_p4vz9juShp1u6f5ud_500


Thats scopely eating all the pancakes they will be getting when people buy all the stat increased toons :money_mouth_face:


Lol. It’s all celery. Negative calories…

Some of those tins must be going off by now after all these years too, so probably some food poisoning to help maintain a healthy weight.


Take a closer look it’s not tomatoes its SOYLENT GREEN !

For anyone who is not familiar with Soylent Green



Soylent Green is made of [REDACTED]!


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