Road Rage Rewards anyone?


Your first line says it all, the whole point of a forum is to help the player, explain the game and events even offers and loot boxs if they wanted to as well but silence theres 2 gms now ffs and still no info and what annoys me is the scopley defence team jump on here telling others to stop asking questions you should know scopley by now its your/players fault lol


I’m normally the chief scopely basher tbh
I’ve been b@nned from these forum’s about 40 times now think this is my longest run without a b@n


That’s true except for newer players like myself.


Ssssshhhhhhh same here


Like I posted in the other thread already, you contradict yourself.

You say every f2p can get so many raid cans per month from war. But you totally neglect the fact, that there is a competition for these cans in a faction. So if you take 2nd every war for the raid can, 29 others are missing out and cannot amass the amount of cans you get.

Your theory doesnt work out for everybody if you apply logic. Another thing you do not mention is how you as F2P have so many war cans to sustain 2nd place all the time. If I’d do what you postulate, I’d have to use 3-4 war cans every single war. There is no way to keep this up for a longer period of time without farming war cans.


You also farm war cans just saying, i start off with 1 or 2 depending on how many scavenger missions i get done before the actual war. Then my faction intentionally ghost towers so everyone has a chance at farming cans…


i knew to buy some keys from day one because there was only one event with key and i wanted to do the other map as well and decided to grab like 4 of them


I have no reason to lie. I did not buy the starter pack. I would have been finished by now.

I am certainly not saying it’s an easy event and I get the players who skipped out buying the keys are screwed BUT the event was able to be accomplished by f2p. By Wednesday, players were aware that the Sunday roadmap wasn’t going to be able to be completed so I’m not sure why those who say the keys didn’t buy it. Those who didn’t check the offers it sucks.

As to why they don’t put keys in now, they want players who are desperate for these toons to spend real currency. Unfortunate but that’s the path they are deciding to choose.


I’m a UK player so most the time I’m warring theres only 3 or 4 players warring the rest are sitters or 2 tired to do any more than natural energy I guess that helps me farm raid cans easier than say US players who are always playing with 7 other actives.
I’m free to play and look at my raid score

Don’t mean to say it’s easy but it’s possible


If they’re at 11000, they clearly missed a few roadmaps or so. Players who have hit every milestone and done every hard roadmap so far should be around 15000. This is me, a F2P player not pretending.


I’m trying as hard as I can but it’ll be a miracle if I can land Bruce , I’m at 15580, I don’t give a damn about sandy Bruce will actually improve my team


Available tyres left after today’s roadmaps

Crusin’: 108 + 108 + 108 = 324
Horse power: 556 + 556 + 556 = 1668
Road rage: 1099 + 1099 + 1099 = 3297


Error… Error… Self destruct in 3… 2… 1…


You get 108 a day for cruisin 36×3=108 × 3days


But only 2x1182 batteries and 2 keys (plus what you’ve got in stock).

I’ve said it before, is not tyres the will limit you it’s batteries and keys


Yup agreed with that.

However, I think the last level up on February 13th should have a key and 1182 batteries. It’s getting them by the end of the event that will be challenging but not impossible.


If the event runs beyond the last roadmap - which I think it does - I would be surprised if it includes the items, otherwise you are getting rewards which can’t be used. If I hadn’t already claimed Sandy I wouldn’t be relying on the final LU.

I did start a thread asking this but @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely couldn’t even help the players out a little and confirm…


I’m sitting at a bit over 10k tires, scopely didn’t take into account that not everyone has the same timezone, as well as not every player has all T4 fully modded stun gun toons…


How has timezone affected things?

And I haven’t used a single stun gun and can beat Road Rage Act 2 Stage 3 in a few turns.


I had no dice in beating it. + one of the steering maps pops when I am sleeping.