Road Rage Rewards anyone?


Honestly, if you have to spend tops $20 to get an amazing decap or a well needed disarm, then i say thats a win.


Whales and moderate spenders are the new ftp did i miss something??

So Just buy some offers and its free lol
Using in game currency is spending
Buying offers is spending
Defending scopley priceless

This event is free for the 1st two toons but to get sandy and bruce you will have to pay end of!! i still refuse to spend because of past issues in game but have to say myself even with 2nd gen toons both of those are worth a few coins if you have them to spare.
And im sure scopley will have plenty of offers up next few days for people that didnt spend at the start.


Already said many times if u have 100+ raid cans to burn and do all the roadrage maps it is possible FTP I’m 3000 away totally FTP…


Princess is trash aswell. I went for Bryan to have some red damage dealer to fiddle around with and check out splash damage in combination with collateral 2.
Donny, who came out a bit later made him totally obsolete for me. Haven’t even messed with his weapon yet.

I told my faction mates back then, that they should look at Rose, especially if they don’t have Jeremiah. Still think that Rose was a solid option back then.


I agree with this. FTP doesn’t mean easy.
Scopely are actually doing pretty well on the FTP front (don’t hit me), the level ups give people a chance at premium toons and the museum collections are obtainable for people who can plan and grind. Hell, the Yellow Alpha that’s available is a pretty good toon already. I’ve been wanting to pull him forever, but have had zero luck in the 9 months I’ve been playing.

Again, it is much easier to obtain the rewards if you are p2p, but that is the whole point of p2p, right?
Why would anyone bother purchasing the offers, if everything were easily obtained f2p?

For the record, I spend a little on the game (mainly $1-2 offers, sometimes as much as $10 for a good offer), but I have obtained some great toons (Bruce, Marlon, Koa) without having to pay for them. When I collect my museum rewards, I will have spend $10 for Sandy, but I needn’t have. I am already at 19,000 tires and so could have gotten her without the starter pack.


But you couldnt get enough the keys to do all the road maps ? Without spending…
And its nice you have hundreds of raid cans to spare but not every player does well real free to play players dont.


well not really, cuz their offer behavior shows how much they REPEAT offers.
I’ll say it again for you, TIRE OFFER is still there (for days now) & BATTERIES have been there as well BUT NO KEYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS??? :key::key::key::no_entry_sign:
defend scoply all ya want but this shitty ass company can’t even explain an event & makes you PAY TO FINISH. Not really the same as every other company more of a ‘‘hookah like’’ situation.

ps: We have 2 CM’s now and shit is still the same.


I got Rose, despite having enough for Bryan or Princess (actually had enough spare that I genuinely considered buying an offer to also get Princess).

No regrets, great rush on an all alert team. Follow up with some heavy hitters and you’re taking two down easy, but if you don’t, the attack down means their rushes just bounce off you. Stun active skill is always a good thing too. Very underrated character imo


No, there will be 14 or 15 events giving one key each, and 2x14 roadmaps so there is a let deficit unless you crack open your wallet.


No, FRiday qas no key to buy for coins. Totaly sure


They repeated it for the first week. Now they want you to buy keys with money. Stop the whining. It was very easy math to see you would need more keys.


Yip that was my point exactly. Plenty of f2p are around 11,000 til 12 grinning where spenders have 18,000 or have sandy or bruce already. A free toon is a free toon but bullsht is still bullsht peeps saying they’re f2p but only spend £20 to finish it laughable or they did all the road maps without spending some saying that f2p players fault for not buying offers or checking offers lol thats not how f2p works lol (im not complaining about the event as i said above just players pretending to be f2p talking down to other players name calling because they got a leg up spending boggles the mind)


More and more assumptions. It’s not hard be the third or fourth day of an event to see what is needed to finish this event. Here’s a picture of my collection having only spent 300 coins for two keys.


I have spent £0 on this account in the 3 years I’ve played so I am FTP.

I used free coins (150) to buy one key for last weekends Sunday roadrage map as it was obvious with war I would not have enough to do it otherwise.

As for cans I get second place almost every war so I get easily 100 free cans a month and I don’t waste my cans I use them when they will help me the most when there is rewards I want so I generally have a few hundred to spare when scopely launches event like this.

I love scopely bashing I hate the company with a passion which is why I don’t spend

But these events are good for FTP players all these museum collections are possible if u plan and put in the effort!


Here mine after only 150 coins spent on 1 key

How is it not FTP guys come on it won’t be easy but definitely possible!


Is it hard to they put 2 red key for 300 coins again or scoply will lost alot if do it ? When they put 2 key i wasn’t have batteries to use them in rm
I open 10 bag for 1k tyers and just got token
Bishs never change


Typical shady scopely to sell keys for coins when ppl don’t need them yet.
Then switch to real money offers only once players realise they will need and are desperate for them
I expected it but I’ve been playing since the start I know there shady tactics


So its real fair now put key again and its right time to they do it thats what i mean


Support says:
Life’s not fair … Keep on surviving!


Did u not say you bought the £10 offer starter pack as well ?
Not just planning ahead and buying an offer with free coins at the start of this event gambling spending before you knew if you would need them or not, with coins you saved for a day you need them and didnt waste them like other players. Not having a go at you just saying you kind of spent £15 plus grinded to get were you are but you still payed which i dont knock as i think both the toons are worth it. Just didnt do it as a f2p on this event be honest.