Road Rage Rewards anyone?


You already have a chance for a free decap but who knows when you’ll be able to get another disarm


true i got ty for decap. so prob grab bruce


I have alpha and tyresse for decap but I have michonne on my other account and I don’t use her I prefer double tyresse Bruce is fairly unwhelming apart from disarm so I’m thinking sandy.
But then again the only teams I loose against are some Lydia leads so maybe Bruce would help but I dunno who I’d kick from my green attack for him either


I am always sensible.

It’s just not liked that I have long since accepted the tiered system.

The model has made them successful
Why change what has worked.

Reality is harsh.


Bruce is a monster, and a Lydia killing one at that. You’re using him wrong if you think otherwise


Bruce is a beast but sandy the better choice


If you don’t have a disarm and don’t run a focus toon then I think Bruce is the only choice. How many times do you face a shield that has a good weapon and u can’t get past them? Jesus absolute defense or AP down, koa, magna with impair. Bruce really helps against those


I don’t have Bruce on any account only disarm I have is michonne but I don’t think she’s as good as other people think I barely use her and Bruce’s AR and base stats are less than michonnes so I’m saying he looks underwhelming I haven’t tried him so I maybe wrong.
And I only rele struggle with Lydia teams so maybe he’s the solution?


And yes reality is harsh and I like moaning on forums but doesn’t mean I think it’ll make a difference or anything will change.
But accepting reality and stopping moaning about reality are 2 different things.
Also I’m British it’s our national pastime to moan!


He definitely is. I like Michonne, but I’d choose Bruce if I could only have one. It helps that he can wield a stun on attack weapon which, because he has a multi attack rush, basically means you have a good chance to stun for his rush.



I’m all for providing well articulate statements or responses that improve one’s gaming experience.

We all know I’ve done far more than my fair share of senselessly advocating for better.


last good event was with Brian and it was totally f2p now is just bad


I don’t think many real F2P actually exist


Am I suppose to be psychic and know they aren’t going to sell them anymore?
Specially when they repeat ‘‘limited time offers’’ over & over.
Funny how the tire offer with shitty odds is still there and kicking.
Company sucks ass for not putting more key offers, it’s not a coincidence.


dude did i say its not possible? FTP can do it but its about saving for events like these cos we are not informed bout events like these and why would we be informed? lol


I don’t have fun grinding so I skipped this event.


Can i just say i am super happy i finally got sandy!! And she only cost me ten bucks! And some grinding. To me this is a win!!!


It’s just like any other sale in any other company. You never know if it’s coming back or not.


F2P mean, you really dont use real money for this game, and you buy starter pack. LOL


Brian is ass… wish i had gotten princess, and i hated tht event.