Road Rage Rewards anyone?


key is not an issue here tbh i always get my keys. If someone says they cant get keys they need to ■■■■■■■ lol. they expectin a legit “spoon feeding” from scopely


ya i missed sunday’s rm too. I rarely check the stores lol cos of the odds of the crates it just sucks


How long was that key offer up? 1hr? 2hr? 24hr?if it was only a couple hours that’s ridiculous. People can’t be on 24/7


So just because someone was at work, or in my case a funeral they then force you to spend. Slap in the face!


It was on two different days for 24 hours. Wednesday and Friday


Don’t remember the Friday but I’ll take your word for it. In that case it’s my fault


Good news! You need to completely fnish the incoming Faction SR, not just Elite, to get the full set of batteries.
Thanks Scopley!


Think this is the most sensible thing @Wanderer has ever said.

I am on 17k now on tyres and I am completely ftpg.

Ftpa’s may get one of the lesser characters and ftpl’s u don’t deserve it if u not putting effort in.

Should be possible for FTP who burn 100 raid cans during the event


I will get sandy or Bruce totally free to play I haven’t spent ever on this account and not on game in 2 1/2 years.
As for necklaces and lugnuts I got Eric and Yvette from necklaces and 12.5mil in one levelup so that’s possible FTP 2.

Ya just need to try harder




I saw it the first day and passed it popped up again on the next day and i purchased. Wasnt a few hours. And one would think when there’s an event going on beings they have given free things before in offers maybe people would take 10 seconds to take a peak at offers and the crates. Doesnt take long.


I definately remember it being Out until at least Friday because I then calculated that we didn’t have enough red keys for the Sunday map. Gotta do some research unfortunately.


Yeah i read something on forums which is why i went ahead and got it. Even if i hadnt probably would of picked it up anyways rather be safe than sorry


see thats what i was talking bout…lack of logic and basic thinking


Umm okies these aren’t great or easy event’s but they possible FTP that’s a fact I dunno how that comment lacks logic or basic thinking but ok…


Ok which toon is better Sandy or Bruce, tbh I want them both


Disarm is game changing, and harder to obtain than recap. So probably Bruce if you don’t have another disarm, but you do have another decap


they sold keys for like 2 days in the beginning for 150 coins


im trying to decide as well i need both dont know which is better to get


Yeah if u don’t have a disarm get Bruce!