Road Rage Rewards anyone?


ftp grind :slight_smile: (kidding) but I brought a starter and a 9.99 offer


At first I think I can get both Bruce and Sandy with extremest grinding but now it seem impossible without spending…


I agree Not doing to bad a bit over half now.Might get Beta and Sophia instead of Sandy.


roadmaps will reset 4 more times, right? @JB.Scopely


Good luck getting that response


Not all F2P can do it

Need to score 1.25M in lvl up , 1.8K in raid , need to finish legendary on SR tournaments and need to hit 100K mark in war to get enough car batteries for Road Rage

I’m doing my best and only got 12K tires :confused:


Most FTP can’t! Don’t want to hear it’s because of lack of effort. If we missed the keys on the first day you’re pretty well screwed. I’ll admit that’s our fault but come on! Only one day, that’s ridiculous! I know several ftp that grind as much as real life allows and they are just barely going to miss because of those darn keys


i just threw up a little in my mouth…


They were up only first day for a few hours. Most of us missed that.


Thats the question. They say event ends 14th, muuseum rewards can be pick up till 15th, but probably 13th is yhe last day with roadmaps.


how are people supposed to know that “after 2 months there will be an event named roadrage manage ur coins accordingly for a decap/disarm”. Huh?


Manage your coins? Like 300 coins? If your f2p and you don’t buy coins you shouldn’t spend them so easily. Just more and more excuses.


and i just dont find logic in this thread
you guys are under a delusion that ftp can do everything with a little bit effort
“10 mil in LU? EASY”
“1.8k in raids everytime? EASY”
“complete elite in sr even if its a 24hr event? EASY”
see…ftp can do everything. All it takes is a little bit of “grinding”
Lemme make one thing clear…grinding does nothing…not alteast now.
wether it be necklaces or lugnuts or wheels you need to spend money or its near impossible for an ftp (no…not considering a casual spender here…total ftp) who is willing to grind ass off for a toon. Literally like every event like makes it mandatory for you to spend in order to get the required toon. Like there is no respect for grinders in this game. Most of us realised that after this the necklace and the lugnuts event.
Tbh i had gr8 hopes for this event. I was telling everyone to wait in a hope that $copely might increase the drop rates but now i just give up.
This event is nothing but a tease to all ftp players out there.


I agree, a total slap in the face to a FTP. I found a way to get Sandy but I had to drop a few bucks for her. Don’t regret doing it though. She will be worth it for my situation


You can’t just make a post without any factual information. The only fact you threw in there was 1800 in raids.

  • There hasn’t been one 24 hour sr event. Both have been able to be reached with natural energy.

  • idk where your getting 10 million in level up from. It’s 1.25 million. Again, has to do with effort not paying. Run constant training grounds and it’s easy with a lot of 2 stars.

Being f2p doesn’t mean it’s easy… being f2p means you don’t have to spend currency. I have been able to accomplish it without spending currency so therefore, it is f2p accessible. Even if it’s hard to achieve.


You spent money because you didn’t buy the keys using the coins. Ridiculous to call it a slap in the face. If you miss out on a sale in a store, that’s your problem. Not the companies.


that 10 mil in LU was reference to many posts in the forums claiming that 10 mil is easy for any ftp with some “preperations” . I totally agree it is. But you just dont have dreams of necklace and lugnuts events and say “oh i have to save for it”.


300 coins gave u how much tires?


Ohhh. The medal/lug nut event is a totally different scenario. I hate this format.


Last week, they were selling keys with 100 batteries being sold for 150. Total of four. I scooped up two and that allowed me to do last Sunday’s roadmap which everyone was missing. And a horse power.