Road Rage Rewards anyone?


Lol, says the corporate shill. Sorry I called you on your obvious MO there bud, you can mislabel it all you want idgaf, your mental gymnastics trying to justify yourself amuses me though so thanks for that.


yeah im casual player but this grind is so bad. when i think of grind always get a flashbacks fro gta online


And there are grinders that deserve more than those who don’t grind.

Welcome to reality.


i dont really think wandy needs to justify himself, and are you one of the reasons we needed this new chat filter, i feel like you are


Buying keys or starter packs with IRL cash is not F2P


What about coins?


That’s fine. But as far as I know, you can’t buy keys or the starter pack with coins, only IRL cash.


Not right now. They were availble the first week. Hopefully they bring them back.


The best deal to come out is up. 1.99 for 2 keys and 1,000 batteries. Yes it’s money but :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


I didn’t see a coin deal for them when the event first started, but I could have missed it.


I was one just lasted a short time. Imo even if sandy snd Bruce aren’t f2p u can grab a useful toon for under 20 bucks guaranteed, rather than wasting coins on pulls.


I added ballpark times. Accurate??
I’d assume spending cuts times in a half to a third


I didn’t buy the started pack unfortunately. But i did buy all of the $1.99 offers (keys and batteries) so hopefully that allows me to play the Hard and Easy roadmaps to get all of the tires i need.


During war most certainly


I didn’t buy the keys right off the bat even though I saw them for 150 coins.
I wasn’t aware of WTF was going on with the event so I didn’t want to make jumpy decisions. However they were fast to dissappear (I saw the offer for like 1/2 days).

Would it have killed them to add the offer again? I mean they repeat offers all the time.
My initial concern were tires (still are) but now I see how keys are important seeing as I’m only able to do road rage and nothing else.
The tire offers are a joke tho, 1.5% chance? or the other one with 14%/5%? gambling my coins away isn’t really what I would like to do. By far the most demanding event and I got DW & his dbl atk gun,Eugene, Maggie, Knox, DW, Lori, Rick, Vincent, Wyatt etc


Kinda crazy those expectations, TBH.


But they were. 150 for a key batteries and a can or something. Not bad at all. Considering there’s way to get coins without paying i dont think coming off some coins to get a few extra keys is at all pay to get event. If you wanna be like omg you spent 300 coins not f2p…than you are looking for something to whine about. Also raid cans are not considered something you pay for. I havent bought raid cans in ages and always have at least 30. If your unwilling to pop some cans, and come off a few coins than you must not need that disarm/decap that bad. With about 300-500 coins you could have sandy or Bruce with ease and some to spare. If you bought starter pack you could possibly get 2 toons depending on efforts and if you have extra cans you can grind. Btw scopely never said this was a free to play event. This was an event that was for the disarm/decap people wanted a chance at. Some people paid more than 100$ for those toons if 500 coins is too much idk what to say


Did you tag wrong dude>? still have 4k battery lol you can only do one toon even if u did all roadmaps from day one… Also coins aint handed out anymore put in work hold 10 to get any type of coins.


You said there were no keys for sale via coins and there was. No the entire thing wasnt necisarrily directed at you. But there was keys for coins.


@Wanderer is my hero