Road Rage Rewards anyone?


I like where this whole convo is going.


I buy batteries from shop 2.5k yesterday then i release i need red key even if 300 coins so if see it



You’re saying anyone who uses coins is F2P then if that’s the case. You’re under the impression everyone can get free coins when that’s not true. Some people can’t earn coins for free right now. Many can’t watch tapjoy videos and leagues aren’t reliable for free coins anymore. How are those people to earn coins for free? If they have no coins right now and aren’t paying, how are they to complete 20k tires?


I’m willing to bet they will have red keys in the coin shop soon for between 150-300. The offers come and go, you just have to be patient. Good luck!


I already posted that in the last three months scopely has gabe away over $200 worth of coins. It’s just like with any resource. You need to manage them.


I wasn’t aware I received ~16k coins in three months. Because I didn’t. How you come up with $200? You’re throwing all players in one category and basically claiming all got the same thing (16k coins you’re claiming).

Hmm, maybe I should poll how many players made 16k coins for free in the past three months.


From level 125 to 150, you receive over 9000 coins. And if you add up all the coins receiving from leagues, it’s over 8000. This doesn’t even include tapjoy and videos.


I got 11k coins from the first 2 seasons of Leagues and another 9k from levels and several thousand more from tap joy offers without paying a cent.


And you could have spent all those coins on a sandy promo and not have gotten her. It just annoys me when they actually make a good event and people still complain. They can’t win. If sandy was on promo tomorrow, many players would do a ten or forty for her. She’s still super valuable. And look, michonne is on promo today. I’m just shocked at the amount of complaining over this event.


It comes down to people thinking it should be as easy as the Abe or Lucas or Wyatt or Vincent event where as long as you logged in and played actively you got it easily. This isn’t supposed to be like that and the quality of toons at the end is far superior to those events. If you actively play then Beta or Sophia should absolutely not be an issue to get. If you want Sandy or Bruce you either have to put in a lot more to effort or spend. Players who put the top effort needed or spend should be able to get something that isn’t just given out to everyone for participating.


Well said.


I guess that many are feeling sore because they assumed it would be an event in line with previous toon acquisition ones - i.e. to get Dwight & his AK74 way back when, it wasn’t as simple as just logging in - you had to hit every milestone with event items and only then was he yours. Not easy, but very doable. Similar with Knox/Maggie/Dwight recently. Eugene required a can-frenzy at the end but was made much easier by having built up roses/lilies beforehand through the milestones.

Most were probably of the opinion that one of the two top toons would be available through the usual methods - hit the milestones, hit the roadmaps, keep using raid energy and you’re golden; that the stuff for sale in the shop - starter packs, extra keys etc. were for those who wanted to spend a bit extra in order to go for both.
It didn’t help that this event was sold as “F2P DISARM/DECAP”, not by Scopely of course but rather self-appointed pillars of the community. If we had a bit more info from the off it might have helped.

So you can’t blame people for not jumping to buy these things on Day One because it wasn’t immediately apparent that they’d be needed. And now of course the keys are missing from the coin section so even if you had the coins and were willing to part with them, that ship has sailed and most likely they’ll only be available through the cash offers one.
Not sure why some players seem to have a wedge-driving agenda and infer that the only ones who won’t get Bruce/Sandy from this event are lazy/idiots. Yes there’s some unreasonable whining but no need for the schadenfreude-laden myopia. Plenty of grinders are gonna come up short on this one. Bit of empathy goes a long way.

I’ll admit I haven’t paid as much attention to it as I should’ve done because I already have Sandy, Bruce & Sophia and have no need for Beta, so whatever happens I’m pretty sanguine. Regardless, I’ve hit all the relative milestones and currently at around 10k tires, haven’t started hitting this raid tourney yet so will see where I’m at after that.
It could be similar to the Eugene event where roses & lilies only started dropping proper in the dying days, so there could be hope yet. But the chances of getting concrete info on that in advance are pretty much nonexistant.


3 tires per raid is appalling… Should have been a minimum of 10. Don’t think there is any incentive to waste resources for no results.

If scopely had been transparent from the start at these rates I’m sure more would have approaches this differently


You have some valid points, however at the end of the day it falls on the players. I bought my keys Saturday. Which means they were for sale for the entire first week. It’s a players reponsibility to see what is required in an event. I saw that I didn’t have a key for Sunday road rage and I bought it. That is all I have spent and that extra day has gotten me an extra 1300 tires which will probably be the difference.


The tires were dropping 3 since the start of the event. Where weren’t they transparent? Did they need them halfway through?


im at 11k or 12 k but i also missed the wheel map twice i have bruce, id love a sandy but i wont be to heartbroken if i dont get her since im trying to stay strong and not spend in game, i might attempt a tapjoy offer again and see if its working


I don’t think every event should be designed for all players. Some for easy to get, some hard to get and some for super grinders is fine by me.


The starter pack came with 2k tires and 2k batteries, aswell as keys iirc.

The choke point here definitely are the keys. So if you haven’t bought these, you likely won’t make it f2p, no matter how much you guys want to argue that this was a f2p event.

You could buy thousands of extra batteries with free league gold from the shop. Unless you have leftover keys, you won’t be able to turn them into tires.


But the argument is that they sold 4 crates for 150 coins each that had a key each and some batteries. If players didn’t buy them, doesn’t mean the event isn’t f2p.


Hope so. Have 6k coins waiting. But missed the first day, so that would be awesome to appear again