Road Rage Rewards anyone?


But sounding like someone trying to defend a snowflake is better?

Hm… Wonder who’s worse here.

Seems in your mind this person, whom is so deeply offend by me, needs you to be their white knight.

Honestly maybe you should take the comments for what they are and stop digging in so deep. Must be a painful existence being so negative all the time assuming the worst.


This is debatable as being a non-ftp aspect.


I have only bought raid cans during one period in my RTS history. That was when Notorious had to recover from a deficit due to the season 1 league scoring debauchery to pull off first place.

So in response I would say, being a grinder is the difference. Earning raids from scouting, and placement in war battles, every time they show up in scavs and any where else they might appear from time to time.

So my distinction imo is quite accurate. Grinder isn’t a 100k-200k war scorer. They are the 300k and beyond.


So you’re saying most players should have enough raid cans that they earned for free to get 7k tires with 8 being the max per raid? That’s about 145 cans if you get 8 tires every time. I understand you’re trying everything possible to say this is completely ftp since you laid claim on the event. :ok_hand:


I can’t believe this conversation is still going on… we were getting 700 coins from leagues for 12 weeks people. Plus from 125 to 150 gave over 9,000 coins. If you didn’t save your coins that’s your problem. I spent 300 coins for 2 keys and I will get it without spending any money. If you missed out on the keys, again why is it scopelys fault. The constant whining is out of control.


I don’t know what math you’re using, but I assume you’re counting natural energy?


Bought starter pack, 2× key for $1.99, 1×key 5.99


That’s ironic considering your past history.


I whine when it’s appropriate. You literally had to spend 300 coins to get one of the best decaps or a disarmer. It’s crazy. And hey, if you don’t want to grind… 9.99 for a toon of this caliber is not expensive. Deal with it. They never said it was free.


When YOU think it’s appropriate. Some think this topic is appropriate. Stop being a selfish hypocrite. I’m just debating for the true ftp going for Sandy or Bruce. I’m not debating for myself as I took Sophia.


Im always wondering how noobs see light in dark #### paint . All got items for museum collection use cans and buy bags offers then dancing like bish saying ftfp


Yes the did, 2 or 4 keys in the first 3 days there was an offer to buy 'em with coins.


I know this event hasn’t suited everyone, but for me the graft is worth it for the toon you can get and on a personal note would like them to run another one, on the flip side it must be pretty boring for anyone who can’t make it or gave up after a few days realising it was out of reach. It’s a tough one to call


While we’re on the subject of adding types of players don’t forget this one:

  • Whale-Know-it-all


You consider spending 300 coins as spending? Please.


You consider “using” 300 coins as not spending although 330 coins is equal to $5? Please.


So then nobody in this game is f2p. Because at some point players have used coins right? Your making no sense. It’s outrageous.


I want red key for 300 coins jus put it in shop


They had them for 150…


But he wants them for 300! That extra premium red key for high profile individuals. Lol :wink: