Road Rage Rewards anyone?


Fair enough on the Road Rage, but the map lasts 8 hours, so surely you had time to finish it just before or just after sleeping?

One map for me pops up at midnight my time, but lasts until 8am so I have time to finish it while I am having my cornflakes


My roster is pretty crap, and I have no modded weps too, due to worst luck ever


See above for another reason why this event sucked for me.


Rosters at s6? Did you use mods? :thinking:


Yeah, this roadmap is a thrill to complete.


“If they have no coins right now and aren’t paying, how are they to complete 20k tires?”

They don’t get it completed and that’s it. Sophia and Beta are f2p and EVERYONE can easily get them. The disarm and decap are not f2p (unless you raid non stop for 3 days).

Now, if anyone says they’re f2p and can’t get Beta or Sophia then they are just casual players and for those there is the one level lower reward - medals or smth.

Not eveyrthing is / has to be free to play.


disarm and then decap


I hope you aren’t using those teams as displayed there, because you arent utilising leader skills at all.


Ever thought of using a toon with a Leader Skill as a Leader? Your roster may be less crap then…


15k rep cost less than 140 cans


Lacking a few game mechanics there bruh. You can have all premier toons but doesn’t help if you don’t know how to use them.


There is nothing more painful then fighting a whale team that’s random as hell, no mods ,zero weapons

I’m like what the actual ####


So when is the last day for these maps? I’m at 17,250 tires. Hoping maps will be available on 2/12, 2/13 & 2/14.


Only 2 more days of roadmaps as they end 8am utc on the 14th so unless you have spare keys you will finish short so will need to get them from raids


just do like the smart players do and just buy all ur tires and mods. needed a 4th sandy anyway


Yea I’m f2p so no spending for me. Sounds like maps will stop after 2/13. You think batteries will be available on the on the Solo SR & Solo LU tourneys that start on 2/13? I’ve got 1 extra key so I can run the Horse Power map. I’ll still be about 200-300 short though. Gonna have to raid


Don’t count on those tournaments providing batteries. They extend past the end of the event. Your safe bet is to raid alot. ~33 cans for every 1000 tires given an average of 5 per raid.


There are eight more Crusin’ (including the one which refreshed 30 mins ago and is currently live). There are three more of each of the other maps, again including today’s maps which are live.

As I keep saying, with no keys in the shop and only current LU and next Raid assured of giving any more, your options on roadmaps is limited

How many more Tire Roadmaps?

Leader skill do you use one?


Obviously I don’t use those teams lol, it was to show my toons in just 1 screenshot.