Road Rage Rewards anyone?

I bought the starter pack and with the gold from leagues and videos bought some red keys and batteries.

Even if I didn’t buy starter pack the event seems pretty doable. So to me seems a legit F2P event.


Well you bought the starter pack which costed money so it’s no longer f2p


Event still has more days ahead… even if I didn’t buy the starter pack in 2 more days I would get her anyway.

Bought the starter pack because I aimed to get Sandy and Bruce, now that I get Sandy, Bruce seems impossible unless I buy lots of things…


I got the starter pack and it should ‘just’ be possible for me to get Sandy.
I was doing the math on the $2 offers to see if I could get Alpha as well, but it would seem not. Not without spending more, that is.

I’m currently on around 15k tires with 6 more roadmaps to go (including today’s)
So that’s a maximum of only 10k tires, If I did all roadmaps from now.

It’s f2p, if you spend coins, I’m sure. But, many people don’t consider spending coins as f2p, despite being able to get over 1000 a week for free.


You are right, but what I think is Sandy is a premier (a very good decap) it’s on a event where you can get her if you use ur coins (no real money).

Why would I don’t use my coins to get her?


I agree. I needn’t have bought the starter pack and could have used some coins instead, but I wasn’t sure what offers would have come up at the time. Sandy doesn’t really fit in any of my teams, but I don’t yet have a decap so wanted her.

How dare you prove things can be done with effort!

Conspiracy I say. Absolute conspiracy.

I really do love the forum drama. It’s never ending entertainment. Oh how I love basking in the tears of other players.

Can we make a new category please

Ftp-Grinder (effort, planning, resources from grinding hard)
Ftp-Casual (log in, minimal effort)

Itll make a lot of the whining easy to identify cause.


Srsly? I did all milestones, all hard roadmap and consumed all natural raid energy and I am at almost 13k.


So use more cans.

Do we need a third category.



sandy can not be done without small bit of spending few bucks here and there for keys and whatever $1 offers with batteries

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This right here.

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did you just assume everyone can watch videos for coins? well you are wrong.


keys where never offered for coins…


they were at the beginning. for 150 coins, they were in the 3rd slot.


Always the $copley white knight aren’t ya?

The guy said he hit all milestones (not super easy for as many lvl ups in a row with harder and harder to find gear), plus raids, war, and SR, used natural raid energy… and you scoff and call him lazy.


Actually active was added.

Lazy replaced casual.

I didn’t scoff anyone. Just added a category. And I applaud those who have made it.


Meh… you REALLY mustn’t have much going on IRL if that kind of attention to a mobile game over 2 weeks is ‘lazy’ or ‘casual’.

In any case, people can get her for a reasonable price. I will, but I bought 2 $4 offers and a few 100 coin things, and I’m happy with that.

My point is the guy just pointed out TRUTHFULLY what someone who has done everything possible except pay or do silly amount of raiding (and it is silly) would have, and you attacked him. Which is fine, not a snowflake here, but thats a usual thing for you when someone complains about scopley.


If you’re referring to watching daily videos then this is not an accurate statement, as many players are unable to watch tapjoy videos or do offers.


Where’s red key. only got one from milestone every day .i have alot of batteries

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But sounding like someone trying to defend a snowflake is better?

Hm… Wonder who’s worse here.

Seems in your mind this person, whom is so deeply offend by me, needs you to be their white knight.

Honestly maybe you should take the comments for what they are and stop digging in so deep. Must be a painful existence being so negative all the time assuming the worst.