Road rage question

So I brought red Lori for focus her active skill worked twice then completely refused to charge
Is this an effect of disarm or did I get scopelied

what level is her active skill ?

Should we assume her active is higher than level 2?

“Full level”…"…

Sure? Unlevelled it has two max uses. Levelled it has four…

I’ve experienced odd active blocks a while back when nightmare mode was first introduced. So it’s completely possible that it was a weird glitch , I didn’t notice any but also don’t think I used an active skill for those maps, just rushes

Thank you, isn’t that what I said - 4 maximum uses when levelled?

If you look at the levels, you’ll see two of those maximum uses are added as she levels up. So an unlevelled AS would have a maximum of 2 uses which is what the OP was suggesting.

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Meant to reply to Op

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Why use focus? Just stun and kill!

I use this team and had no issues on Road Rage

I used something similar, Abe lead and Zeke in place of Jesus but Bruce and Alpha aren’t exactly freely available to everyone…

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I’ve used Lori on this map, I’ve had no issue with it. Very likely just a glitch.

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Never said she wasn’t. Just said she wasn’t freely available - gotta get lucky to pull her from the wheel

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Yes, I too consider a toon with probably a 1% chance at pulling from that wheel absolutely F2P. :smirk:

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