Road rage is bullshit

i play every tournament from the beginning and i dont have sandy red i have to pay to have her it’s ridiculous

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While I agree with everything you said here are you new to the game? You always have to pay for everything here.

I also think she’s worth spending $10-20 bucks for. That starter deal was super useful.

I’m still waiting for the 1 coin fee for every time you click on anything in the game (shop excluded). :smirk:


This is tiring now. People expect all toons to be free with minimal effort. There are actually 3 tiers to this event - collection for casual players (medals), active f2p (Sophia and Beta) and for moderate/small spenders (Decap or disarm). Sophia is still a toon that was on a premium wheel just recently ffs.


Most of events are based on level ups not on raids or survival roads and there was Brian event and it wasnt that bad cause most people get him and he was top reward. Now without gear museum events, changing rank system or even coins its harder to gain some points in level ups

Nah, collection medals and Bruce/Sandy are active F2P, Sophia/Beta, and any other event that you’ll easily get an ascendable are casual F2P.


I’ve honestly got no idea what you’re talking about.

Actually the medals are for the whales, they could give a crap about these old characters.


What? !?! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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They never said it was free. Get over it.


Noob like this event always became for ftp and when they put event need money they saying that

To be fair they rarely actually tell you anything.

The best deals are fleeting and right at the start before you know what you do need to do. Then when you get halfway through and try to work it out it’s not unknown they shake it up a bit by making what needed Elite SR completion to achieve suddenly needs legendary SR to achieve.

It’s the chaos theory approach to try and get people to either spend more than they need, or spend if they don’t need, that is a bit cheap.

The current no sense offers are for batteries, but what can i do if you don’t make abailable red keys in any way?

I got Bruce today and I have to say for a few Quid and a bit of grind thus is a fantastic offer from Scopely, but as others have said it’s not for everyone there are levels to this, Sandy and Bruce are out if reach Gordon some but hopefully you will be stronger next time

Most games are this way. The starter pack was the best deal but a few days ago they had a really fair deal for 1.99 of 2 keys and 1000 batteries where you could purchase two. If players bought those two deals for 4 bucks they would have achieved it easily.


Today all day they had a pack with double the starter pack in items but same price if i remember correctly. Even those who missed that can get a better deal now. 3000 tires that’s 2 days of grinding for 10$ plus batteries which equal tires and keys. …could do a quarter of the event in this one offer lol

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im f2p i didnt miss a single roadmap…its sad if i dont get bruce

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You will get him. Two more road rages.

Gentlemen and stop complaining this has been a F2P event, tomorrow we will have level and route that will give keys and batteries to complete and remove Bruce or Sandy

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Guaranteed sandy or bruce is worth $10-20 dollars imo toons pool paid hundreds for. This was on of the best events for me and sophia is dope i will be using her soon too.

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