Road maps for more survivors


It would be nice to have a map to take away farming zone 7 to fill houses. While there is a road map for character it does not give a ton of survivors for training grounds.

I was some past events where they made extra hard food stages and Xp. Higher energy costs and more rewards.

What about brining all these about for the future?



the 0 energy roadmap coming up on wednesday is good for farming survivors



this would be a great idea its the main thing i run out of is food.



A map for survivors would be awesome.

Food farms need to be updated to produce more food. The amount of food they produce now is outdated.

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i agree the camp has room to expanded why not let us use that and put more farms for food or increase the amount we can generate in a shorter time



Very good suggestion and much needed.

If I am not mistaken, I vaguely remember from the old level up calculator that it takes about 800 2* characters to level up a 5* from L1T1 to L4T80. Now with 6* it could be well over a 1000.
Current missions and road maps are just not enough to keep up with the increased requirements and high time some action is taken around this.



No… fairness is not an option!