Road map story lines

You should kill more characters off. I mean people other than Lonnie, Sharon, and the other unnamed NPcs never die. Why not kill off Edwards or Isabelle. btw all those characters should be playable.

Matt, Lindsay, Edwards(who should’ve been Wyatt), Vivian, Hoang, McAlister, Artuto, Aira, Isabella, plus all the others characters we’ve seen in the storylines. even if not 6* I’ll even give you ideas.

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Many storylines have been started & left unfinished over time.


that too. i agree

Every storyline runs exactly the same way, usually with the same set of enemies. It’s been that way for a while, and if they won’t even add onto the main story, I don’t see why they’d decide to do anything to the secondary roadmap stories now.


There was quite a few characters who died in earlier roadmaps, such as Crystal, at least I remember at the time there was a wiki that actually covered RM characters. And a few of them had died.

Ah, Yes. You remember this Story Lines when there were actual Pictures of Characters die? No? Me neither. The Last Character with a name to actually die was on a Story Roadmap was Morgan on a Comic Roadmap back when Blue 6* Carl was released, so seriously it’s just said.

I still don’t skip the Cutscenes in the Hope SOMETHINK Happens. For instance, they couldn’ve perfectly killed of Ryker when he ran along to get help. He’s boring AF anyway (Like many of the New 6* Characters).


They before they became lazy. That No One died in the 2 newest Story Maps and the fact that Emma and especially Brock have still completly useless Characters as 2* and 3*.

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And the least said about dead characters appearing on the roadmaps that are supposed to take place after their deaths, the better. Darius suddenly popping up on a Whisperer roadmap after dying on a world map may be excusable since there was another guy named Darius in the comic volume (but they still got the image wrong).
Specifically on the recent balloon roadmap, we have a ■■■■■■■ Barker, who had died back on Steel Bridge, appearing as a part of the heroic squad. Which just bring the question how did he come back to life and how did he get kinder to Garrett and Co.
Between this, and a shitload of model incontinence (like Maggie appearing as her green 4* self on Williams roadmap - I am not kidding), this just left me wondering why are Scopely sparing every main character, likable or not, and killing the redshirts that are our enemies, since The Walking Dead is ALL about killing main heroes at every convenient moment.
Did they even read the TWD comic at all?


Did Brock and Emma died? I don’t remember exactly

Nope, Luckily Not. There might be the last 2 intresting Characters that were created


Keep my bois Viktor and Pious alive and well.

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Brock died by the hands of Negan


Nope. No one died by the hands of Negan yet on the Worldmap.

Brock’s kid dies in the main story. Spike? But, Naruto is right there should be far more deaths.

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