Road map event - Tyres - Totally unacceptable

Scopley, you really gonna sort your sht out and stop pising off your most loyal players!!!

Why have you stopped dropping tyres for raid when you promised it will last till end of the event!!!

I have busted my guts to get all the batteries and keys to do the road map every day and do raids every chance i get. Now i’m 200 tires short and you have stupidly stopped dropping tires as another stupid event has already started.

i used all my keys now, so i can’t even get more tires if i want to and there are no more offers for me to get more tires!

You really got to stop doing this cr*p!!! More and more loyal players will stop playing because of your lies and incompetence!


It did say it their in-game message it’d end today…


It ended at 3am Eastern on February 14th. The collection runs till 3am February 15th: the evented ended this morning though

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Honestly, raids wouldn’t save anyone now. You had plenty of time to do all the roadmaps/raid during tournaments. Take Beta/Sophia or spend.


im 200 short, that’s only like 7 raid jugs worth… plenty of time had scopley not stopped dropping tires

The event has been running for a long time. They clearly said it ended today. Scopely do a lot wrong but they’re not to blame this time.


I can’t take these posts anymore. Be responsible for your own actions. The event is over. The museum is not the event.


Just transfer like some tard from my fraction did one day before crw!! You can redo events and get another key for roadmaps…

Yea what a turd :roll_eyes:

thanks man i will do that

Typically, the last 24 hours are just to claim what you can. The event is usually “finished” the day before.


There is an offer up that includes 2x keys and 1000 batteries for $2.99.

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Every event we get posts like this. Collection timer is not the same as event timer. It has been the new norm for a long time that the event items stop dropping 24 hours before the collection timer ends. The in game message even stated that. The fact we got the roadmaps today is actually a huge bonus and probably shouldn’t have happened.

People need to realize when the event ends. Then look at the collection timer as a claiming period so everyone has a chance to collect. Not that the collection timer is how long the event lasts.

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