Road map bugs I have found [logged]

Found 2 bugs in roadmaps. First. Some are giving a crazy high recommended grade like s10++. The next. The new weapon map shows as new And I can’t clear that. I have completed the map. Still shows as new

I would also like the new flag to clear without having to enter the map. As this causes extra clicks everytime the gear maps reset each day.

sorry posted 2 of the same image. This image shows the check mark making the map new. When I have shown I have complete it

First is a known visual error that will apparently disappear when liveops switches to new maps (if I remember correctly).
Second one: The checkmark isn’t for marking things as new (thats a red “NEW” I think), it’s to show the map as completed (so you don’t need to click on it to check).

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My maps say s20++

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Yes. U r correct. I kept getting the 1 on the menu showing a new map. And I think it might have been the acendence medals map that I hadn’t seen yet.

This has to be some kind of new horrible joke, right? These are seen on Act 1 & Act 2 of the 4★ weapons parts roadmaps.
Act 1

Act 2 all stages are this team grades.

I’ve noticed in multiple roadmaps that most team grades don’t match what the other’s are. Someone needs to check this out.
@CombatMan @CombatDevIl or whoever it needs to go to.

@WalkerBait Scopely confirmed the bug and said it would be fixed in the upcoming days.

Update 10.0 [Feedback Thread]

I figured by now they would’ve been fixed since everyone has the update.

Just to clarify the dev speak, when he says “once all legacy roadmaps have been ported over to the new system”, that’s coding work on their end and has nothing to do with all the players getting the new update.

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