Road map 8910 11


Where is the war energy road map

Roadmap dont see

Yeah it’s not showing on my map either


You’re so impatient, it will arrive just after the Europeans have all gone to sleep and probably end quickly after


Its 2:44 central time


It’s 20.45 BST, so most of eastern Europe are going to bed and western Europe will follow soon.

As we know, Scopley love to release maps/events/promos/anything good at times that shaft Europeans, so I predict maybe three hours before it starts?


Well it’s on the schedule as being on the 24th. It’s getting a bit late for europeans if it’s gonna be a less than 24hr roadmap…


@kalishane any info here?


@kalishane hi you write in roadmap is update but in today 24/4 i dont see war energy


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