Road is up but raid drops for arrows are done ? Why?

I’m 30 arrows short lol

If your short of arrows you’ve not put enough effort in I have 1000’s left over sorry bud you can buy them

Yeah I’m not saying that I deserved helluva lot of pulls, I was boycotting most of the last tourneys, I’m just wondering what’s the idea behind that

I hate the fact you can only get enough heart necklaces for 3 pulls for free more

Doing all events will get you 4

Ps got a pile of rubbish from my 3 pulls but then in 3 years never got a single prem toon from free rng wheels, which is what has stopped me worrying about those wheels,

How I did everything 3 oulls

Sorry pulls

Dunno how my original post got deleted, I’ve made single pull and it was guardian rick so I’ve decided to raid for more arrows and the event ended :joy_cat:

They should have done hearts with level up and raid


Looks to me like you bought some necklaces along the way

no… lol if I did all 5 would be done

Ok cool, I can only get 3 1650 arrows and some bows but no necklaces,

Might wanna delete that as that is the pic that is needed and your account code with region name, fac name and in game name and your account can be taken just fyi

I pulled that new rick so im happy about that, hes not a carl or lydia but still was an awesome pull

Zero info they can get from this anyway but i will remove it as hes seen it.

pulled nothing but crap 2 red glens old fast sandy and cain eh

The other info is easy to get, now scopes askes for proof of purchase, that was the pic you posted and all that would be needed if the other info was got to take your account, just trying to be helpful, some post that stuff and their account codes and im like :open_mouth: :man_facepalming:

Red lead skill glenn? Rumor is he will be ascendable soon

yea old op little shit head