RNG on mod scraps and mod levelup on 14th or 15th level

So whenever i level up gold or silver mods on 14th or 15th level, a lot of times all 10 tries used to fail.
Somehow its failing more when i have large number of mod scraps for instance above 50k. Just today itself, 2 consecutive 10 attempt fails which drained 15k mod scraps in an instant. Been noticing this for months now.
Mod scraps are limited as a resource and harder to comeby when compared to food and material.

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You waste scraps any which way with mods. Like 99% of the time getting the lowest possible outcome on each of the three levels.

I know about the probability of failure increases massively once mods are above level10, considering mod scraps are very limited in supply this should not happen. Besides 10 attempts to level up mods should not fail in any circumstance. As soon as they get wasted, boom mod scrap offer pops up! :thinking:


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